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Plug it in and switch it on, but make sure your circuit breakers are fully operational. Magnetix are the ultimate French electro-rock super-hero diode with no other influences we can figure out other than Davie Allen and the Arrows starting static with Cramps in a sound clash live from Pluto (far out, dig?). This nasty "Drogue Electrique" LP brings a full on sex beat that throbs with a creepy, fuzzed out sludge, grinding through your cranium like a rusty antenna. The ping-pong stereo vibrates wildly with a multichromatic display of analog effects meant to make your retinas shimmer and your ass wiggle. Cross the Magnetix and deal with death, this duo is the penalty for fans of twee, and a reward for the lightning breed.

About TAST

Tast is born of an eight legged twist, to the rhythm and sound of summer 2010. At a time when electronic counters wobbled on the BPM of the digital generation, Tast hasn't forgotten the diabolical euphoria generated by low-fi pick-ups.
This is the past and future reunited in a 2.0 years juke box



Auction in Biarritz


We are very pleased to announce that the catalog of the first Wheels & Waves’ auction is now online.

We are proud to present the work of Bixente (Vincent Lassere) who brought together some very beautiful exclusive, rare and eclectic pieces, for connoisseurs and experts.

We also would like to congratulate Serena Lutton for her achievement and patience.

Finally, please note that this private auction will be held as part of our next Wheels & Waves’ week-end event at '' Château de Brindos '' in Biarritz on June 15 at 2 p.m.

NB : The lots will be displayed on site from 10 a.m.

The printed version is available on request.

le très attendu catalogue de la première vente aux enchères Wheels & Waves est enfin en ligne. Nous sommes fier du travail de Bixente (Vincent Lassere) qui a réuni quelques très belles pièces rares et éclectiques, pour amateurs avertis. Merçi aussi à Sérena Lutton pour sa réalisation et sa patience.
Enfin, je précise que cette vente aura lieu dans le cadre de nôtre prochain Week-end Wheels & Waves au château de Brindos à Biarritz le 15 Juin à 14h00.
Les lots seront exposés sur place à partir de 10H00.

La version imprimée du catalogue est disponible sur simple demande.



Twelve Artists #04


Rudy Jacques

To some people, Rudy Jacques's photography won't appear clear at first sight. In the world of surf photography, he's not the kind of guy you would identify as a sport photograph.

His pictures don't show achievment, rather the simple life of the performers : they tell their own lifes. Rudy has choosen this mode of expression a few years ago, while living in Oleron Island, he was sharing surf sessions between friends. Since that, he has travelled a long way, including Australia. He's staying away from digital photography, and its rough and cold rending of reality. His pictures are unique, altered and warm. You ought to look at them while listening to Kurt Cobain!

Soon at the Wheels and Waves exhibition



ACE FOUR soon to be auctionned


Introducing a rare motorcycle indeed and surely the star of the forthcoming auction to be held during the Wheels and Waves event by Bixente Moto commencing 15th June 2012: 2pm.
This machine holds an important place in the history of the American motorcycle, situated as she is between two iconic periods, that of the Henderson with its four cylinders and the Indian with its 'Indian Four'.
She is undoubtedly one of Americas first 'superbikes'

1928 Ace Four
Engine no. CA743
The Ace was William Henderson's second four-cylinder motorcycle. One of the most charismatic names in American motorcycling history, the Henderson company - founded by brothers Tom and William Henderson in Detroit in 1912 - produced nothing but four-cylinder motorcycles in the course of its 19-year existence. In 1917 the firm passed into the control of Chicago-based cycle maker Ignaz Schwinn, owner of Excelsior, and the Hendersons soon moved on. William then founded the Ace motorcycle company - later taken over by Indian - and thereby had a hand in the design of all the major American-built fours.

The first Ace four was offered late in 1919 for the 1920 season and retained the 'F-head' (inlet-over-exhaust) valve gear of the original Henderson. (Schwinn's Hendersons went 'flat head' for 1920). Displacing 1,220cc, the air-cooled inline engine employed splash lubrication and was built in unit with the three-speed, hand-change gearbox. A wheelbase of 59" and a seat height of 29" made for a stable and comfortable ride, while weight was kept down to a commendable 365lbs.

To promote its new product, Ace recruited Erwin G Baker, famous for his record-breaking long distance rides for Indian, and 'Cannonball' duly obliged, setting a new transcontinental record of 6 days, 22 hours, 52 minutes, smashing Henderson's existing record and humbling Henderson-mounted rival Wells Bennett in the process. Ranked alongside Crocker, Cyclone, Flying Merkel and a select few other marques, the Ace Four is a highly desirable motorcycle for any collection and examples are seldom offered for sale on the open market.

This particular Ace had already been restored when it was purchased in Spain from a jointly owned private collection in 2007.

1928 Indian Ace Four Engine no. CA743 This motorcycle's engine number identifies it as an Indian-built Ace from the 1928 model year and not a 1923 Ace as stated in the catalogue.



Twelve Artists #03


Dimitri Coste

Always on the move we have however managed to lure Dimitri Coste for the duration of our Weekend and in particular our exciting art exhibition . For those who don't know Dimitri, this talented individual has like so many been hugely influenced during his formative years and family surroundings. Dirt bikes, BMX, photography and journalism were always a part of his natural environment.

Stateside, Dimitri's Triumph sits waiting for the next competition, with past successes in the Catalina Grand Prix and the Pikes Hill International hill climb. His passion for Van's foot wear has led to him being an Ambassador for the company, Dimitri lives life to the full.

His work is his passion...



Twelve Artists #02


Nick Clements

Anyone who follows our blog will certainly know of our friendship with Nick Clements. This muti-talented artist, fashion and advertising photographer is the creator of Men's File Magazine, the number one reference in the world of "Heritage style", issue number 7 due out soon.

In addition, Nick recently created his own line of high quality clothing entitled 'The Curator'.

This year once again we are happy to welcome Nick Clements to our Wheels and Waves exhibition beginning the 15th June in Biarritz.




Twelve Artists #01


In this new series we introduce to you the twelve artists that will be participating at our forthcoming event 'Wheels and Waves' commencing 15th June.

We begin with one of a new generation of surfing photographers, Cesar Ancelle Hansen.
Cesars approach to surfing is more artist than sportsman and is full of subtle sensations, capturing light, the contrast of hot and cold. Many of Cesars images are obtained from within the water and as close as possible to the subject despite the risk. His photographs illustrate atmosphere rather than action.

Cesar was born in 1976 in the south of France before moving to the North of the country where he remained until he was 25 years old. His mother herself an art director with a passion for photography was his greatest influence, and Cesar often had his head buried in her collection of photographic magazines. Therefore Cesar began his career in photography at an early age. At 15 years old he was already surfing the waves in Corsica, this experience forged a bond with the ocean and ten years later he decided to make his home on the Basque coast. His photography is constantly evolving and he works with a variety of cameras, concentrating on capturing the moment, mood, light and silhoette. Distancing himself from the commercial side of surfing his approach is instinctive.



Wheels and Waves


Following up on the huge success of the Southsiders evening at the ‘113’ in Toulouse, attended by friends from home and abroad, this year’s event will be staged in the prestigious surroundings of the Chateau de Brindos, a 5-Star Hotel located in Biarritz in the Basque country.

Our weekend begins on Friday 15 June morning With the exhibition
followed by an auction at 1.30 pm of motorcycles, classic and custom cars, automotive collectables and pieces of art. The auction has been initiated by Vincent Lassere of Bixente Moto with sales going under the hammer of local auctioneer Marie Francoise Carayol.
After the auction a small ride will be organised thru the french Basque country

the Southsiders evening commences at 7pm in magnificent surroundings, the stage of an exhibition «Waves & Wheels» featuring the work of twelve international artists sharing the Automotive and Surf theme, alongside a reunion of outstanding cars and motorcycles. Our friend and partner TBC Triumph, a Triumph dealership in Biarritz, will also be presenting a ‘special’ for the occasion. On Saturday after a ride and drive around the Basque country in France and Spain, a second party has been organised in partnership with BLITZKRIEG MACHINES

Fort du succès de la soirée Southsiders en 2011 au « 113 » à Toulouse et du relai international qu’elle a engendré, nous organisons cette année un évènement, au pays Basque à Biarritz, dans le cadre prestigieux du Château de Brindos, Hostellerie 5 étoiles.

Le vendredi matin l'exposition ouvrira ses portes à 10h,
suivie par une vente aux enchères de motos, voitures, classiques et custom, d’automobilia et d’œuvres d’art à l’initiative de Vincent Lassere (Bixente Moto) sous le marteau de Me Marie Françoise Carayol, commissaire priseur à Biarritz .
Suite à cette vente, un ride moto à travers le pays Basque Français nous permettra d'entrer en action...
la soirée Southsiders débutera à 19h dans l'univers décalé du chateau de Brindos, avec l’exposition “Waves & Wheels” d’une douzaine d’artistes internationaux autour du thème Auto/Moto/Surf, côtoyant une réunion de voitures et motos de collection et d’exception. Notre ami et partenaire TBC Triumph Biarritz présentera pour l’occasion une réalisation spéciale.
Le lendemain après une journée de randonnée auto, moto entre la France et l’Espagne, une deuxième soirée est organisée en partenariat avec BLITZKRIEG MACHINES.

pasado en el «113» de Toulouse, a la cual asistieron amigos de distintas partes del globo, este año la cita se ha trasladado a las maravillosas costas de Biarritz y alrededores. La fiesta se llevará a cabo en el Chateau de Brindos, un magnífico Hotel de 5 estrellas en pleno País Vasco, en el que tendrá lugar una velada inolvidable.
El fin de semana comenzará el Viernes 15 de Junio por la mañana, con una subasta pública de obras de arte, motocicletas y automóviles clásicos, memorabilia y otros artículos de colección. La subasta será conducida por Vincent Lassere, cabeza visible de Bixente Moto, y el martillo será bajado por la subastera oficial Marie Francoise Carayol.
Después de la subasta, la velada de los Southsiders dará comienzo con las exposiciones de diez magníficos artistas venidos de distintos lugares de la vieja Europa, siempre sin abandonar la temática principal del evento; los viejos motores y el surf. A su vez, se podrá disfrutar de una fantástica colección de vehículos de gran interés histórico y cultural. Para terminar con el programa del Viernes, decir que nuestros amigos y socios de TBC Triumph, concesionaria de la marca de Hinckley en Biarritz, desvelarán una moto muy especial. El Sábado y tras cruzar el País Vasco por sus carreteras, hasta España y vuelta a Bayonne, en colaboración con nuestros amigos de BLITZKRIEG MACHINES, habrá una noche de carreras en moto y conciertos con Magnetix a la cabeza asi como varios DJs hasta el final de la noche.



New magazines on store


Italian Motors -Issue #4

As usual Adam Bolton, the man behind "Italian Motos magazine" has prepared for us the best Italian pasta...

In stock now on our store

In this issue:
Exclusive '67 MV Agusta 600cc tourer unrestored and original, Nick’s Ducati Baines Imola no. 1, Paolo’s Lambretta Li 150 special from Italy, Benelli Cobra Scrambler, ’31 Alfa Romeo 8C built from parts. Modded Morini 507, Matt Machine’s Guzzi Le Mans special, Guzzi Stelvio and Norge launch report, Peter K’s stunning bevel Ducati flat tracker

Sideburn - Issue #9

Sideburn: the magazine for Dust eaters

in this issue : The Sixth Street Special NYC most enthusiastic flat track amateurs, Bubba's Bike the story of a RS750 Honda,
Maxwell's BSA Beeza, The Big ass R1 engine, Johnny Lewis Twin KAWA, LuyckxThe road legal Boardtracker, Scotty's T110 Flying Zombie
Field days Hiroshima, and of course the; The Trophy girl

In stock now on our store

DICE - Issue #40

Anyways people...here it is! The big 40!! It's a heavy one for us and we still can't believe that we get to make a magazine about everything we love in this world and people are so supportive of it! For that we would like to thank you and let you know that we feel the love and it makes us want to cry sometimes.
The cover for this monumental issue was made as a 6 foot tile mosaic by our good friend Scotty Rockland and it features the late great Johnny Chop.

In stock now on our store,

DICE - Issue #41

…What can I say...it's juicy...it's warm...it's like a pair of Lionel Blair's flapping in the wind!
It's DicE Issue 41
Inside this glorious bastard of an issue you will find a variety of motorbikes from California, Japan, Texas, Brooklyn, England, Phoenix, Connecticut, North Carolina, Sweden, Alabama...and more!
The cover was designed by Tina Charad from London, England and it brings us screaming into's the 1980's...wait didn't the 80's already happen?....
Not only that...but inside you will also find the much anticipated return of Barracuda magazine!!!

In stock now on our store



Southsiders Party


On Thursday 9th June Southsiders will celebrate its 3rd anniversary with a three day event being staged in Toulouse in France.
The chosen venue is a magnificent Manor house set in a tropical garden seemingly forgotten in time. Against this incredible back drop will be work by photographers, artists and sculptors as L'admiral, Alwest créations, Dimitri Coste, Polo Garat, Bertrand Grégoire,Scott Pommier , Mark woodhatch and Also A showcase by Ruby Helmets and Vitesse Moto, alongside a selection of two and four wheeled machines!
Southsiders invite you to join them in their celebrations commencing at 1800hrs at 113 Rue des Amidoniers in Toulouse... look out for alligators!

Thursday.. 1800hrs let the party begin, exhibition BBQ and good sounds provided by guest DJ Neil Williams of Ace Café fame.

Friday.. Ride/drive out at 1300hrs to discover the forbidding Black Mountains east of Toulouse, then back into town for a street party at
16 Rue Peyras, in front of the Eastside boutique.

Saturday.. Ride/drive out at 0930hrs towards the beautiful Lot region North of Toulouse to a BBQ party in stunning countryside..

Le 9 juin nous célébrons les trois ans de Southsiders.
La chance nous a permis de découvrir un lieu magique en plein coeur de la ville.
Un lieu ou le temps semble arrété à une époque ou les moteurs n'existaient pas encore,
la nature y a d'ailleurs repris ses droits. Nous exposerons dans ce décor le travail
de photographes peintres et sculpteurs tels que L'Admiral, Scott Pommier, Dimitri Coste, Polo Garat, Bertrand Grégoire, Alwest Création,Mark woodhatch, ainsi qu'un Showcase de Ruby Helmets et Vitesse moto.

Une Séléction de belles machines à deux et quatre roues sera exposée dans le parc, la restauration sera assurée par un Barbeque, et la musique par Neil Williams Dj du fameux Ace Café à Londres.
C'est en pleine jungle urbaine que nous aurons le plaisir de vous accueuillir à partir de 18h au 113 rue des amidoniers à Toulouse. Attention aux Alligators !