Twelve Artists #05


Conrad Leach

Pop culture and motoring tradition are thoughts evoked by Conrad Leach's brilliant artwork. Our English friend conveys to us a blend of heroism displayed by riders and drivers in an age when speed and danger went hand in hand. Good examples of this are his paintings of Sir Malcolm Campbell and a very graphic representation of Peter Fonda, two subjects at opposite ends of a culture. Conrads artwork has instant appeal achieved by expanses of flat and bright colour applied to large canvases.

Conrad has enjoyed a certain success since his first exhibition at the APART Gallery in London in 1997. A five year contract with Louis Vuitton followed, a series of portraits commissioned by the Grand Hotel in Oslo and a series produced for The Legend of the Motorcycle in 2008. More recent exhibitions include an exhibition in London entitled 'Paradise Lost' and 'Re-Pop' his latest exhibition in Tokyo.

We are proud to welcome Conrad to our Wheels and Waves exhibition commencing 15th June.