The Laguna Garage

From time to time, whilst driving in the car or on a motorbike, I get a subliminal image in my head and wonder if I actually saw what I thought... I had seen...

This was the case last weekend, as I was driving up the road, in the rain, raindrops running down the windows, We suddenly had the impression, through the door, of seeing a garage with old cars and classic motorcycles...
Immediately into reverse, and we saw the front grill of a DB6 and next to it a grill from a Thunderbird.

We had to see more.

The open doors invited us to enter, and from behind his welding mask, a man gave us permission to look around.The garage has existed since the 20s, and is still in its original state, along with its dusty windows.
Today it's the headquarters of a classic car club where a local architect works on these machines from another age, for nothing more than the pleasure of sharing his experience with the members of the club.

Wonderful ambiance



For Sale in Buenos Aires


Our beloved Paco and Lola will be for sale in Buenos Aires by March 15. Paco and Lola are 1972 Yamaha xs650s. We bought them 3 years ago and put in the usual upgrades for these bikes - electronic ignition, saddle bags and top cases, steering bearings, overhauled both motors (both leak a little oil), X-drive chains, sprockets, gaskets and seals. Both run well and start great (although Lola's starter won't engage anymore). They are registered in Alberta, Canada. They have been faithful travel companions, i.e. no breakdowns. We left Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on October 1 and are presently (Jan. 18) in Peru. Each one goes through about a litre of oil in 5000 Kms. They are good on gas, about 4 L/100 Km. We will be sad to leave them but don't want to pay to ship them back to Canada. We want $3,000 (US or Can) for the pair.

 My email address is kevin.swallow@hotmail.com.

Could you circulate this to your members?  Please get back to me if you have any questions.  Thanks a bunch.


Paco y Lola



My Punk Music Youth #1


Summer 1977 and the wave of punk spread like a virus into the remotest areas of our country (France). This movement was born a year ealier in England, as a marketing idea of Malcolm McLaren: launching a group of non musicians the Sex Pistols onto the music scene. The songs were short, singing out of tune wasn't just not an obligation, but moreover the whole point was to spit their rejection into the face of a very conservative society.

Many groups followed. During this period in America, this musical style had already existed for several years, without the label "Punk", with groups like the New York Dolls, The Stooges or even Patti Smith.

I was 16, my sister 18, and for a long time she had introduced me to contemporary wild music: as our father only listened to jazz: war was declared.!
Each evening we used to meet in front of the radio in her bedroom and listen to the radio station with the most up to date music. It was there, well before the start of the internet that we discovered our future heros. I remember perfectly the night when we first heard the Clash and the Ramones' first hit 'Sheena is a punk rocker'. At the same time another style of rebellion was starting in Europe: Reggae, often sympathising with the punk movement. I remember the evening when I heard Jamming by Bob Marley for the first time, and the instant infatuation for both of us.

We had to wait several weeks to receive the imported 45s we ordered at the local record shop.

My aim is to rediscover and share with you, several groups and their tracks that struck me then.
Today only a few of these groups are still listenable, and it seems to me that the complexities of the French language mean that only the groups who sang in English have stood the test of time.

This period of 2 years, shining as bright as a lightning bolt, then gave way to New Wave, which we naturally moved onto as well.

I'll start today with Stinky Toys, a French group with an Uraguyan born singer, Eli Medeiros, and Jacno the songwriter, who met studying Applied Arts in Paris. They have had a success career in duo few years later. Personally I think they've aged well:

what do you think?



Brian Bent : My "Rad" Dad


While Esther Bent, Brian's daughter, stays at our home in France for a linguistic journey, I asked  her to write for us a few lines about her father,  "I could write a book" she answered!

Brian Bent is a man of many talents.  I should know, I’m his daughter.  When I first arrived into the world of Brian Bent, he was a seasoned artist, surfer, musician and skater.  As an artist, Brian has been drawing since he could lift a pen. While going through old albums of drawings he drew as a boy it’s easy to see that Brian has always had a gifted hand.  His actual career as an artist started when he was in high school.  Brian’s high school art teacher saw that Brian had a knack for art.  So, he offered him side jobs such as painting the scoreboards for the baseball fields and other signs for ASB around campus.  After high school, Brian’s love for surfing all day everyday led him to work for Becker Surfboards.  Brian started working at Becker when he was 19 years old.  He started working there simply as a retail associate, and throughout the years he became Becker’s interior designer.  Brian completely changed the look of Becker Surfboards and the stores soon became known for their rad boards, good clothes, but most of all for the rad art all around the store.  Brian worked with Becker for around 20 years creating unique surf shops all over the Southern Califonia Coast.  When Brian wasn’t working, he was surfing, skateboarding, rollerskating, playing music and being a husband and father to my brother and I.

Brian has always had a love for hot rods, and throughout the years I’ve seen cars come and go.  Some stayed longer than others.  At one point he owned a vintage 1960’s motorcycle (I can’t remember the brand name) that we would take around the neighborhood, with him driving and me on back.

 What many people don’t know about Brian is that he is a pastor at Hot Rod Church for Sinners.  Since Brian met my mom, Rivka, they have grown together as Christians.  They started going to church in Mission Viejo called Christian Mission.  There, Brian’s musical talents were acknowledged and praised.  He led praise and worship and soon became a youth pastor for the Christian Mission youth group.  His friend Chris, owner of Santora’s Hot Wings, presented Brian with a crazy idea.  Because of his love for hot rods and the Lord, why not mix the two?  They decided to call this mix Hot Rod Church for Sinners.  From that day on, every Sunday morning at Santora’s you can hear the Pioneers play rockabilly gospel music and a message straight out of the bible.  Brian sings and plays guitar then preaches the Gospel every Sunday morning.  The model A, one of Brian’s hot rods, is the trademark vehicle for HRCS.

Over the years, Brian is known for his hand made shirts, cuffed jeans, leather jacket, wool sweaters and captain’s hat.  Today, Brian works with  United 50, a clothing company where 1930’s Americana designs come alive on the hand-screened and hand-crafted t-shirts that come straight out of the United 50 club house in San Clemente, California.
One can find Brian at the United 50 club house painting and sewing and screening and designing, while surrounded in a sea of shirts.  One can also look for one of our seven hot rods at Sano surf beach or somewhere around South Orange County.  At Sano, just look for the man in a Captain’s hat out in the water.  Once you spot him, you receive the pleasure of viewing surfing of the 1940’s.  Brian surfs his kookboxes with such grace and elegance it appears almost effortless.  But believe me, those boards are heavy!  If you still haven’t found him, you will be sure to find him at the Hot Rod Church for Sinners playing rockabilly gospel and sharing the gospel.

As I said before, Brian is a man of many talents.  To share with you all that he can do would require me to write a book.  I don’t think that there is anything Brian can’t do, and I am so blessed to be able to call him, “my rad dad.”

Esther Bent

Brian and Famous Lifeguard/Surfer/painter Joe Severson brother of John

Photos: Olivier Prat & Vincent Prat



Wheels & Waves 2013 ?


 For a while I've been receiving emails every day, from all over Europe, asking me thousands of questions : I will try to reply to the main ones and soothe your worries !

-Will there be another Wheels and Waves in 2013 ?
Yes ! Our small team are doing everything possible to put on an event this year.
-Where will it be held ?
-When ?
We are working towards the 14 15 16 of June : however these dates may have to be changed, depending on the availability of venues. We will be able to confirm dates in February.

-Who can come ? Participate ?
The event will be free : that's a fundamental principle, however, in face of growing demand we have to limit participation to the owners of custom or pre 1975 cars and bikes. Neo-classical/retro-modern bikes  will not be able to take part in the various rides.

-When will information be available on the Wheels and waves.com website ?

Not before March, but we will be updating everyone via our Facebook pages and the Southsiders blog.
-Are you still accepting new sponsors and partners ?
Yes, of course : please get in touch by email or telephone.

-Will there be a Wheels and Waves in 2014 ?
No : the one after 2013 will be in 2015.

 Depuis quelques temps, je reçois des mails tous les jours, venant de l'Europe entière me posant mille questions,
Je vais tenter de répondre aux principales et mettre fin à vos angoisses !

- Y'aura t'il un Wheels & Waves 2013?
 oui !, nôtre petite équipe fait tout pour mettre en oeuvre une nouvelle édition de cet événement.

- A quel endroit?

- A quelle date?
 Nous avons retenu le 14, 15, 16 Juin, mais cette date peut-être déplacée, dépendant principalement de la disponibilité des lieux.
Nous connaitrons la réponse définitive en Février

- Qui pourra y participer?
 L'événement est gratuit, c'est un principe fondamental,  nous devons maintenant faire face à la demande et le limiter, ainsi seuls les propriétaires de véhicules (motos et auto)
d'avant 1975 ou Custom pourront y participer. Le motos neo-classiques ne pourront pas prendre part aux différents rides.

- A quel moment les informations seront -elles disponibles sur le site Wheels-and-waves.com?
 Pas avant le mois de mars, mais restez en contact sur nos pages Facebook et sur le blog  Southsiders.

- Acceptez vous de nouveaux sponsors et partenariats?
 Oui, bien sur, nous contacter, par mail ou téléphone.

- Y'aura t'il un Wheels & Waves 2014?
Non, l'édition suivante aura lieu en 2015.



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