New magazines

 Winter isn't over yet: I can see the proof as I look out of the window....So, while we wait, here's some suggestions for some new magazines available now on our STORE
A new discovery, or to add to your collection, here's issue number 4 of Moto Heroes. These 180 pages on modern man cover everything to do with the world of the moto and lifestyle. Good quality paper,  good design: they talk about the fundamentals: men and design, that's to say their machines. We're proud to present this edition before it comes out in the shops. Written in French

Next issue number 3 of Cast Iron. For a long time Laurent Bagnard has introduced rock and Greasy Culture into the Custom world in all its forms, and he gives us a wonderful personal piece, each time more like a book than a magazine. This immaculately designed work includes a DVD multizone, adding sound to image: don't miss it. In French and English.

Finally,  a little bit late, but as exciting as always, Dice no48: Matt and Dean, always ready to allow us to live the adventures of an underground world from our armchairs. Written in Texan translated from Cockney.