Twelve Artists #05


Conrad Leach

Pop culture and motoring tradition are thoughts evoked by Conrad Leach's brilliant artwork. Our English friend conveys to us a blend of heroism displayed by riders and drivers in an age when speed and danger went hand in hand. Good examples of this are his paintings of Sir Malcolm Campbell and a very graphic representation of Peter Fonda, two subjects at opposite ends of a culture. Conrads artwork has instant appeal achieved by expanses of flat and bright colour applied to large canvases.

Conrad has enjoyed a certain success since his first exhibition at the APART Gallery in London in 1997. A five year contract with Louis Vuitton followed, a series of portraits commissioned by the Grand Hotel in Oslo and a series produced for The Legend of the Motorcycle in 2008. More recent exhibitions include an exhibition in London entitled 'Paradise Lost' and 'Re-Pop' his latest exhibition in Tokyo.

We are proud to welcome Conrad to our Wheels and Waves exhibition commencing 15th June.



I Drink


Plug it in and switch it on, but make sure your circuit breakers are fully operational. Magnetix are the ultimate French electro-rock super-hero diode with no other influences we can figure out other than Davie Allen and the Arrows starting static with Cramps in a sound clash live from Pluto (far out, dig?). This nasty "Drogue Electrique" LP brings a full on sex beat that throbs with a creepy, fuzzed out sludge, grinding through your cranium like a rusty antenna. The ping-pong stereo vibrates wildly with a multichromatic display of analog effects meant to make your retinas shimmer and your ass wiggle. Cross the Magnetix and deal with death, this duo is the penalty for fans of twee, and a reward for the lightning breed.

About TAST

Tast is born of an eight legged twist, to the rhythm and sound of summer 2010. At a time when electronic counters wobbled on the BPM of the digital generation, Tast hasn't forgotten the diabolical euphoria generated by low-fi pick-ups.
This is the past and future reunited in a 2.0 years juke box



Reborn and Alive...


Last September, When Florent told me about a family Commando to restore, despite the mountain of personal projects, i said " bring it and show me that bike !".
Immediately I saw a potential and original work to do for the long winter coming...

Text by Florent Graglia

I remember when i was 13, my dad an I crossed France to admire Valentino Rossi’s curves at Paul Ricard GP, the Doctor ran in 250cc, and Doohan won all races in 500cc. At that time, I ignored, or maybe i had not conscience, that about 20 years earlier my dad was part of the motorcycle spirit golden age of the french riviera and drove motorcycles like Ducati Desmo, Norton Atlas or the famous Commando.

Florent and his Uncle who stored the bike since 30 years

So, this 750 commando belonged to my dad, who rode it from 1975 to 1982. Then, when my big brother born, this bike was parked in a garage in the back country from Nice, in south east of France. Thus, the bike slept there about 28 years... till i decide to reconquer it in 2011.
One year before, Christmas 2010, i said to myself «holly shit, that legendary bike is there, sleeping for almost 30 years, and it’s my legacy! I have to do something». At that time, i was finishing my studies, but i never stopped thinking at the commando. September 2011, degree in pocket , i had enough time to bring the motorcycle back in Toulouse, my hometown.
The beginning of the story starts here, when i went to Nice with the help of my little brother. Let’s go for a ride of 1200 km in two days. My first impression when we discovered the bike was not so good : after so many years, rust ant saltpeter lived on the motorcycle. But who cares? we will find a solution, and the name of this solution was Vincent.

Hum... first sensation...

A little bit earlier, several questions came to me, the most important was of course : «who will make the restoration work?». I didn’t have the knowledge (and tools!) to do it on my own, but the light came of itself. A good friend of mine, and colleague too, said to me «call Vincent, he’s crazy about old fashionned mechanical, he will help you». So i began to think, i didn’t know that man, i couldn’t call him and say «hey dude, i’ve got a 1973 norton commando to restore, can you do it for me?». In an other side i had no many other options.. The other one was to let the bike to a professional restorer, pay and wait.

In my mind, i wanted more than that because i desired to know what was the feeling of making that bike reborn. So i took my courage in both hands and i called Vincent. Since this precise call in september, he’s still talking about commando and i’m waiting for the end of the discussion! Like a big brother, Vincent offered me his services an we began to work on the bike in his shed which i call «the lab’».

Lot of work, but great potential, The exhaust and seat are real period production Racer.

Since the beginning, i could notice that Vincent was a bit excited by this motorcycle, for differents reasons in my opinion. First, he knows this bike very well because he owns the same and secondly, i think he saw in that bike the potential of making something a bit different than an integral restoration because we decided not to restore the bike as the original one, exploiting the café racer spirit already existing.

Damn... big valves inside, this head is a also a Production racer... good surprise !

We began the job in december, at week end. Long afternoons, disassembling, polishing, reassembling, drinking bears, speaking about everything and more than everything...
When we opened the engine, good news were that the cylinders were in good condition and cylinder-head was a «racer production», giving more power to the engine. Finally, getting that motorcycle start again was quite easy because it has not so much ridden in the past. No big parts were changed inside the engine during the restoration. The most important part of the work consisted in «refreshing» the motorcycle, and bringing ameliorations to that old mechanical.
I have to thank Julien too, because he did a lot on that bike and helped generously when i was injured with my broken arm. I have to confess that i more looked Vincent and Julien work on that motorcycle than i actually worked on it.

Is there anybody inside?

Julien at work

Finally we reached to the goal, kick that bike again! I can’t really describe the feeling i had the first time i rode it. I made a jump 37 years back in the past, when my dad bought this motorcycle and rode it over the mediterranean roads, carrying my mother in the steep paths of Nice backcountry. The music i heard escaping from exhausts transported me through ages. All that bike thrilled between my legs and i was just happy. Proud too, because we started a project not so easy, asking for time, with traps, and Vincent knew how to elude them. And now, now.. we all must keep dreaming and go forward to make more projects which gather people and friendship, so : support the impossible team!

And the light was...

That was the coldest winter since 30 years in France -10c in the garage we were like Bibendum

A special thank to Momo bike service, who realized a wonderful painting job.

A cherry candy light metal flake

We kept the period sticker under the varnish, Tharaud was the Norton dealer in Nice 35 years before

No Firestones, no big tires but just original K81, this is the new trend guys !

We will restore the 2 into 1 Production racer in a second time.

happiness enjoying simple pleasures...



Auction in Biarritz


We are very pleased to announce that the catalog of the first Wheels & Waves’ auction is now online.

We are proud to present the work of Bixente (Vincent Lassere) who brought together some very beautiful exclusive, rare and eclectic pieces, for connoisseurs and experts.

We also would like to congratulate Serena Lutton for her achievement and patience.

Finally, please note that this private auction will be held as part of our next Wheels & Waves’ week-end event at '' Château de Brindos '' in Biarritz on June 15 at 2 p.m.

NB : The lots will be displayed on site from 10 a.m.

The printed version is available on request.

le très attendu catalogue de la première vente aux enchères Wheels & Waves est enfin en ligne. Nous sommes fier du travail de Bixente (Vincent Lassere) qui a réuni quelques très belles pièces rares et éclectiques, pour amateurs avertis. Merçi aussi à Sérena Lutton pour sa réalisation et sa patience.
Enfin, je précise que cette vente aura lieu dans le cadre de nôtre prochain Week-end Wheels & Waves au château de Brindos à Biarritz le 15 Juin à 14h00.
Les lots seront exposés sur place à partir de 10H00.

La version imprimée du catalogue est disponible sur simple demande.



Twelve Artists #04


Rudy Jacques

To some people, Rudy Jacques's photography won't appear clear at first sight. In the world of surf photography, he's not the kind of guy you would identify as a sport photograph.

His pictures don't show achievment, rather the simple life of the performers : they tell their own lifes. Rudy has choosen this mode of expression a few years ago, while living in Oleron Island, he was sharing surf sessions between friends. Since that, he has travelled a long way, including Australia. He's staying away from digital photography, and its rough and cold rending of reality. His pictures are unique, altered and warm. You ought to look at them while listening to Kurt Cobain!

Soon at the Wheels and Waves exhibition



Knucklehead engine for sale


Our friend "M" is selling is Knucklehead engine :

1942 Harley Knucklehead Dual Carburetor Engine. This engine is complete, has been has been professionally rebuilt by one of the best in the business, and has never been ran. It has 74 inch internals, 8.5:1 pistons, new repop cylinders, K-Grind cam, and lightened timing gears. The VIN numbers are obviously not correct and I do NOT have a title or know anything about obtaining one. I had this built out of parts that I bought over the years and planned to use it as a novelty hot rod engine in a VL frame. The cases are real Knuckle cases and the generator saddle is broken off. They do not match and they have some miscellaneous numbers stamped in them; they are just an old set of cases that someone polished and “personalized” back in the day. The heads are extremely nice heads - much less dual carb heads. They are set up for Amal carbs and have all new parts in them including new FHP rocker arms. The rocker boxes are matching 1942 rocker boxes.

Call Benny at: 01562 730429 or 07913325297



ACE FOUR soon to be auctionned


Introducing a rare motorcycle indeed and surely the star of the forthcoming auction to be held during the Wheels and Waves event by Bixente Moto commencing 15th June 2012: 2pm.
This machine holds an important place in the history of the American motorcycle, situated as she is between two iconic periods, that of the Henderson with its four cylinders and the Indian with its 'Indian Four'.
She is undoubtedly one of Americas first 'superbikes'

1928 Ace Four
Engine no. CA743
The Ace was William Henderson's second four-cylinder motorcycle. One of the most charismatic names in American motorcycling history, the Henderson company - founded by brothers Tom and William Henderson in Detroit in 1912 - produced nothing but four-cylinder motorcycles in the course of its 19-year existence. In 1917 the firm passed into the control of Chicago-based cycle maker Ignaz Schwinn, owner of Excelsior, and the Hendersons soon moved on. William then founded the Ace motorcycle company - later taken over by Indian - and thereby had a hand in the design of all the major American-built fours.

The first Ace four was offered late in 1919 for the 1920 season and retained the 'F-head' (inlet-over-exhaust) valve gear of the original Henderson. (Schwinn's Hendersons went 'flat head' for 1920). Displacing 1,220cc, the air-cooled inline engine employed splash lubrication and was built in unit with the three-speed, hand-change gearbox. A wheelbase of 59" and a seat height of 29" made for a stable and comfortable ride, while weight was kept down to a commendable 365lbs.

To promote its new product, Ace recruited Erwin G Baker, famous for his record-breaking long distance rides for Indian, and 'Cannonball' duly obliged, setting a new transcontinental record of 6 days, 22 hours, 52 minutes, smashing Henderson's existing record and humbling Henderson-mounted rival Wells Bennett in the process. Ranked alongside Crocker, Cyclone, Flying Merkel and a select few other marques, the Ace Four is a highly desirable motorcycle for any collection and examples are seldom offered for sale on the open market.

This particular Ace had already been restored when it was purchased in Spain from a jointly owned private collection in 2007.

1928 Indian Ace Four Engine no. CA743 This motorcycle's engine number identifies it as an Indian-built Ace from the 1928 model year and not a 1923 Ace as stated in the catalogue.



Twelve Artists #03


Dimitri Coste

Always on the move we have however managed to lure Dimitri Coste for the duration of our Weekend and in particular our exciting art exhibition . For those who don't know Dimitri, this talented individual has like so many been hugely influenced during his formative years and family surroundings. Dirt bikes, BMX, photography and journalism were always a part of his natural environment.

Stateside, Dimitri's Triumph sits waiting for the next competition, with past successes in the Catalina Grand Prix and the Pikes Hill International hill climb. His passion for Van's foot wear has led to him being an Ambassador for the company, Dimitri lives life to the full.

His work is his passion...



Greetings from Indonesia 2


Indonesia is a fantastic attic for "old Brit Irons" , and Mochamed likes to restore various models from his favourite brand : Norton.
While several months earlier, I asked him if he could send me a Norton single for a good rate, he answered that taxes are so expensive that you can't afford to import them. What a good way to preserve your capital...

this is my latest project...norton dominator 1957 99 (UNKNOCK DOWN), original featherbed frame, roadholder front end and armstrong shocks for rear end. I bought this one from an old timer guy who loves norton too..but the condition was very sad it was not a bike...but parts, frame, front end, petrol tank,swing arm, engine and gearbox were remaining...the rest was gone...the previous owner sold the bike part by part...Lets say I had to re-bulid the bike part by part...for the engine i replaced the original with a 750 atlas engine...for the bar i used an American style ( Market). i thing thats all

by the way thats a damn dare devil triumph ....

Mochammed Ballazam