Neil's Triton


Rather than being a mixture of assembled parts, there is a real history behind this Triton. It's an authentic machine typical of those cafe racers built back in 60's England.

Freddie Copper built this particular Triton in 1960. Those who know Freddie will know that he was a famous rider during the John Surtess period. He often raced at Brands Hatch and he also raced in Sprint and Drag racing events. One of his notable achievements was beating the 200mph speed record, riding the Cyclotron with its double reversed engine.

The Cyclotron

The Tritons present owner Neil, was previously a DJ at the Ace cafe before leaving England to settle in the South of France.

The superb patina on this machine owes itself primarily to the authentic parts used. For example the small Lucas rear light, the Miller headlight, the John Tickle headlight brackets and triple trees and Manx clip ons. Dunstall mufflers and T120 9 stud cylinder head, rolling on Akront Alloy 18" wheel rims.

This fantastic Norton will be auctioned by Bixente Moto and Me Carayol on the 15th June during our Wheels and Waves weekend. Estimated value is between 7000 and 9000 euros.

Photgraphy by: Benoit Guerry

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Twelve Artists #02


Nick Clements

Anyone who follows our blog will certainly know of our friendship with Nick Clements. This muti-talented artist, fashion and advertising photographer is the creator of Men's File Magazine, the number one reference in the world of "Heritage style", issue number 7 due out soon.

In addition, Nick recently created his own line of high quality clothing entitled 'The Curator'.

This year once again we are happy to welcome Nick Clements to our Wheels and Waves exhibition beginning the 15th June in Biarritz.




Sidburn issue #10


The latest issue from Sideburn is now available from the Southsiders shop!

Take advantage of the 15% reduction on the price of all our magazines and 20% off all T shirts, offer is valid until 17th June!

Ben and Gary from Sideburn will be joining us at Biarritz for our Wheels and Waves weekend.

In the meantime check out the trailer for their next event: THE DIRT QUAKE. Sounds to be fun !...



Twelve Artists #01


In this new series we introduce to you the twelve artists that will be participating at our forthcoming event 'Wheels and Waves' commencing 15th June.

We begin with one of a new generation of surfing photographers, Cesar Ancelle Hansen.
Cesars approach to surfing is more artist than sportsman and is full of subtle sensations, capturing light, the contrast of hot and cold. Many of Cesars images are obtained from within the water and as close as possible to the subject despite the risk. His photographs illustrate atmosphere rather than action.

Cesar was born in 1976 in the south of France before moving to the North of the country where he remained until he was 25 years old. His mother herself an art director with a passion for photography was his greatest influence, and Cesar often had his head buried in her collection of photographic magazines. Therefore Cesar began his career in photography at an early age. At 15 years old he was already surfing the waves in Corsica, this experience forged a bond with the ocean and ten years later he decided to make his home on the Basque coast. His photography is constantly evolving and he works with a variety of cameras, concentrating on capturing the moment, mood, light and silhoette. Distancing himself from the commercial side of surfing his approach is instinctive.



KaffeeMaschine 5 Moto Guzzi


I would like to dedicate this post to my friend Thierry who entered today the powerful world of Moto-Guzzi. I wish you a lot of pleasure with your new horse.

Text by Axel Budde

I built the bike for Thomas Gruner, who had bought a ´89 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 4 in pieces a couple of years ago and didn´t really know what he had bought and how to put it back together again.
He asked me to build a custom cafe racer from his bits and pieces.

I was struggeling a lot with the totally crappy inside of his engine and some parts, it was obvious that he bought a disassembled bike which has had an accident incl. an engine damage. He immediately fell in love with the tank lying around in my workshop (though not really ideal for the high neck of the late Le Mans frame), which became his only definite wish for the bike.
Except for the tank, I built all alloy parts on the bike by hand, as usual. The engine and transmission got a total revision and now have brandnew stock Le Mans 1000 specs (950ccm, 81hp).
Even with the original power, the Guzzi is performing great after the 183kg "diet" (the stock LM 1000 is around 240kg...)- only the frame loses 3,5kg of steel.
The modified fork is of a California with special stainless steel discs. Brakes are equipped with modern calipers and a momentum support on the rear. Exhaust is Lafranconi, shocks are Ikon, the rev counter is from MMB. The minimal wiring harness is built by myself.

I think Thomas is not the guy who´d fit a totally classic motorcycle (in his case, that´s meant as a compliment). I chose the seat shape and the type of paint because of the impression I had of him- so I wanted it classic and elegant, but a bit of hot rod, too- away from the iconic italian racer.

Please visit Axel Website



Southsiders Babe April 2012


Nastassja Kinski playing Maria Bosic
in Maria's Lover 1984 a movie by Andrey Konchalowskiy
John Savage
Keith Carradine
Robert Mitchum



To catch a Dream....


Text by D.Borras

A dream can be normally conceived as a succession of images, emotions and sensations, that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. But these aren't the dreams we are interested in.

As our regularly celebrated noble man, and cornerstone of this adventure, T.E. Lawrence came to say; "Not everybody dreams equally". There are those that dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, loosing the content of their dreams to banality at dusk. But there are also dangerous men, that dream with their eyes wide open, (A plena luz!). Those men, if they find the courage to do so, might make these dreams possible, livable!

The Impossible Team is one of those dreams that are pursued for ages, from dusk to dawn not while asleep. The dream of 3 men to conquer their optimum speed. A salty dream you could call it. Summer 2012 will be the time, these 3 ordinary men; Frenchman Vincent Prat (SouthsidersMC) and Spaniards; JR. Ortega (GoodforRetro) and David Borras (ElSolitarioMC), will try to meet their destiny on one of those places they have veneered for years, Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats.

It is in Bonneville's salty tracks, where for half a century, dreamers from all over the world have pursued and shared their wildest adventures. Its the rush for speed, the ultimate modern pleasure. The event chosen by the Impossible Team will be the honorable Speedweek, held in August and hosted by the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). In speed heaven, the Impossible Team with their secret machines, will try to push through the barrier of their wildest dream trying to get closer to motorcyclist plenitude.

Now you may support this dream by purchasing this unique and limited edition T-Shirt, designed by our friend, and Artist-extraordinaire, Maxwell Paternoster specially for the occasion.

Dream Salt? Catch it!



The Legend of the Motorcycle


On 1st May 2008 and without a moments hesitation we decided to head across the Atlantic to participate in a superb event that we had discovered via the internet the previous year. Back then information on events like this was not as widely available as it is now, so we didn't know exactly what to expect.

The 'Legend of the Motorcycle' was the most prestigious Concours d'Elegance show, unique in that it was dedicated to motorcycles of all types. Jared Zaugg and Brooke Roner conceived the idea several years previously.. In its third year, the event was staged at the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay on the edge of the Pacific. For surfers this location situated in Northern California harbours the mythical and terrific Mavericks wave found in the Northern part of the bay.U

After a 24hr non-stop journey, we finally took possession of our hire van at San Francisco airport and headed off up the coast to catch the beginning of the show the next day. The weather was surprisingly cold and overcast, but the drive up Highway one and the views along the corniche more than compensated!

Eventually we arrived at the Ritz where we immediately sensed a bizarre atmosphere, this luxurious location normally reserved for a chic clientele, was completely overtaken by motorcycles and motorcyclists! All along the fairway huge trailers were unloading tens of motorcycles at a time, all of them absolutely amazing. Some celebrities were already there busy making preparations for the start of the show. In Europe we are not used to seeing such a quantity of classic machines all assembled in the same venue, included among them 200 motorcycles destined for the events auction. This first day ended with participants enjoying a drink together...

The following day was bitterly cold and covered by thick fog, but nothing could dampen our enthusiasm! 2008 was dedicated to MV Augusta and Norton. Former legend riders and mechanics of these two marques were also presents. There were just the right amount of spectators ensuring the event remained relaxed and enjoyable. The days programme unfolded and the judges judged before delivering their final decision mid afternoon.

I remember Vince Martinico's Indian taking most of the judges votes, and of course two young guys called Ian and Amaryllis, better known as Falcon and their custom machine of a different sort baptised 'The Bullet'. Since then Falcon has gone from strength to strength.

I covered several miles during the course of the day determined not to miss a single spectacle, then to the auction where the shear value of those motorcycles being sold was jaw dropping!

To finish the day an immense dinner was organised, we were all like kids around the table at Christmas struggling to hide our excitement. The day after our flight was waiting to carry us back to Europe, it had all passed too quickly and felt almost dreamlike...

Sadly this event is no longer held and I have never discovered the same ambience elsewhere. It will however remain a massive influence...

thanks to Brooke and Jared.

Garage Company racers

Amazing Americana by Jeff Decker

Before trucks, mails were delivered by motorcycle... cool job.

The Dream House,... inside the Ritz

COE Chevrolet

A few minutes of sun in the grey week-end, North Cal. effect...

OMG. Full of bikes

Yoshi and Kiyo from Garage company

Jesse's Low rider

millions dollars parking lot

Conrad a great artist for our next exhibition


Mr Kimura at 6am

The wave, Kiyo and the MV

One man show by Jesse James .

Red Fred Johansen

Paul Cox

The Legend himself "Ago"

The judge,... Mr Vintagent

Starting time for Steve Huntzinger and the Dayton
Yes its a bicycle, and yes there's a propelled engine at rear...

More about the Aero Bike here

Mark Wilsmore Ace Café Boss

An Asymmetric perfect harmony
Young winners The Falcon family

The 1908 Indian Torpedo Tank

Vince Martinico winning one more trophy (4) of the day...gimme just one.

Red for Mv Agustas

this is not a chocolate medal

Handmade trophy by Hippodrome Studio

from Left Jared Zaugg , Michael Madsen (Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs), ..., Brooke Roner...,
Vince Martinico

Shad McQueen alive... after the big crash

Yellow for the Production racers

Time for Auction, a 750SS for 120.000$

one famous address

Paul Cox

Mr Kimura

Dr George Cohen and Paul D'Orléans

Pete and Kim's 30's singles

The Bullet