W&W Newsletter #1






The countdown is on, spring is on its way and the beautiful summer days are coming ahead ! But what I am the most impatient about, is to gather with you all in Biarritz for the third edition of an event I hold in my heart : WHEELS and WAVES.
Like many of us in life, I generally try to escape boredom, doing my best to put problems aside, and putting my passions at the top. I also need a daily shot of adrenaline, but the « everyday » makes it pretty much impossible. That’s why I work so hard at the moment, juggling between my « real » job and what has become another full-time occupation: organizing the festival WHEELS and WAVES.
According to me, it is important to regularly shake up that little world we’re living on. This is our leitmotiv.
Our crew at Southsiders has grown this year, and we are very happy to welcome Julien and Fred in the team. Both are now working with Benoit, Thierry, Jerôme and myself all year-long. I also would like to thank Kenny and Anik for their daily dose of work, helping us putting together this new edition of WHEELS and WAVES.
Here is our first monthly newsletter, we hope you enjoy discovering some of the actors, brands and partners who will be present this year.
Also, feel free to let us know if you have questions. We’ll do our best to get back to you.
« Don’t dream your life, live your dreams ».
Vincent Prat.



An interview with the EDWIN EUROPE artistic director Rey Gautier, about his life-long passion for motorcycling.
Rey Gautier
1/ When did you start working with Edwin as a creative director, and where were you before this ?
I started in January 2009, which is when I moved over from having lived most of my life in London. As Edwin Europe is based just outside of Basel on the boarder of France, Switzerland and Germany, this was for me the perfect start to a new adventure both professionally and personally. I have four children and the opportunity to live amongst nature, close to the mountains and work with denim for a brand I have worn for many years, was simply something I had to do.
2/ I read that you were inspired by the motorbike culture since you were young, when living in the UK. Were you the one bringing that lifestyle into Edwin’s ? How does it relate to the authenticity of the brand ?
I grew up in relatively wild place in the county of Derbyshire, England. We lived in the country in relatively isolation, so spent a lot of time outdoors, creating our own fun, at arms length of city life influences only which came later as a teenager. During these formative years as a child I discovered skateboarding and immediately associated with the feeling and culture, albeit by inheriting passed down copies of Thrasher magazine from someone who by chance had the opportunity to obtain such rarities of that time… You don’t need a lot really, just a board and some concrete to ride along. This is mainly what pre-occupied my youth, and has since remained with me. The reason I mention is that it gave me my first sensations related to senses of independence and freedom. At the same time, we lived near to a small town in a valley where every Sunday, bikers from far would come to meet, ride and share their passion for motorcycles. I used to enjoy going there to watch them all, with a boyhood dream of one day being able to ride a motorcycle. This feeling was similar to the passion I held for the freedom and creativity felt through skateboarding. So, really I think that its less about a scene of one description of another, but more a about a lifelong passion and requirement for quality times, belief in freedom. Perhaps this is why I also now love working with denim as it is a medium without restraint, it can tell stories and trace a period though time in accompanying you on your life ventures. It is culturally rich.
3/ What is it about the vintage and custom moto trend that touches people in such a strong way ?
There is a human aspect I believe many people can relate to. I do not think that it is exclusively relevant to a person who is involved in a particular scene or specific culture or subculture, but the feeling of freedom and creativity allows us all to dream and realise our dreams. We all grow up dreaming and our childhood ambitions are sometimes with us for life, if we are lucky, sometimes they come true. The culture around Vintage and Custom Moto, really just reminds us that it can be done. It may be a way of life for some, and for others a weekend escape to the garage/workshop/roads/waves/mountains/skate-parks/vintage markets etc…essentially it is just about that passion for life and creativity. The great thing about it is that it can be extremely refined as it can be very crude, again, there are little rules other than the ones we set ourselves and just the willing to get up and do something you want to do.
4/ What is the connection between surfing and riding motorcycles for you ?
Probably the same IMG_0044connection I referred to between skateboarding and motorcycles,creativity.  A group of individuals sharing a feeling for a passion both collectively and individually. Also, if you consider all the art that has gone into both interests, there are many shared references for that feeling of freedom.
5/ Do you think the motorcycling lifestyle will penetrate the jeans industry, or stay niche ?
It has always been there really. Looking at old icon imagery, denim has been present for a very long time and associated with motorcycles in various forms. With today’s means of communications, I really can’t see how the association between denim and motorcycles can stay niche. Invariably like with most lifestyles used within business marketing, there are some great examples and some less so. Some will purely wish to use this as a passing marketing exercise for their products and others will continue to enjoy this association between product and lifestyle interests, personally and professionally (the lines between for some are not so defined)… Personally, I think life is too short to be focused on anything other than what feels right.  I mean, for me working in part with some people from the motorcycle word, is not by design, but really simply because I met some really good people who I connected with as people not because they are interested in a specific culture or another.  The motorcycle connection was secondary in many ways and was relevant purely because of how it was lived, the reasons for living it and not because it was motorcycle purely.  
6/ Is the U.S. market different from the European market for this category, or for your brand?
I would imagine that there are similarities, although of course, European scenes and U.S scenes always differ slightly. From a business point, we do not yet sell Edwin Europe in the U.S. We have been asked many times, but the time for us is not right yet. We still have so much to experience and achieve in Europe with Edwin, that we are focusing on this for now.
7/ You are good friends with the Parisian Collective BLITZ, and we’ve seen them involved in some of your films, along with the release of a special collection in Spring-Summer 13.What’s next on the agenda with these guys. Do you have more coming ? Will it be an ongoing collab ? Any project of building an EDWIN x BLITZ bike ?
Edwin x BlitzIt was purely through both Fred and Hugo that I became interested in this culture as an adult. A random meeting in Paris when I was visiting with my wife. We met, didn’t know what each other did in life and just got on well in relation to the way we view life, that this lead to us then discussing what we do, what we are passionate about etc… One thing lead to another and after about a year of hanging out and just sharing good times, we decided that we should maybe make something together. So, Blitz made a motorcycle for Edwin, and we made a little collection for Blitz Motorcycles. We always said from the start, that if this ever starts to feel like we have to force it, or it influences negative change, we would stop, because nothing is worth more than friendship. Today, we still continue a collaborative project which functions very naturally between us. We do it because we want to and believe in it. For next A/W14 we always collaborated with Grenson on a ‘Made In England’ Blitz x Edwin x Grenson boot. Its beautiful, well made and subtle. Equally we have worked with Alexander leather on two motorcycle Jackets, hand made from start to finish in the Alexander Leather’s Atelier in Edwin EuropeSelkirk, Scotland. These two pieces are simply, truly beautiful and with no compromise on fabrication or design. This is the way we like to work with Blitz. I mean a tee shirt should be affordable, a jean should be well made using some of our great Japanese selvage fabrics but also affordable. A leather jacket, is something I believe you don’t comprise on. It works perfectly with a good denim, good boots, a bike and needs to be of the very best quality. We will showcase some at the next wheels & waves event. Fred and I have been talking on and off for a couple of years about a bike. It will happen, but only when it does..there is no rush.    
8/ We’re very happy to have you onboard for the second time at Wheels and Waves. Last year you made a special print tee for the event, and you are now working on a new limited series.What is your approach for this design ? 
Yes, we are really honored to be part of this. Actually, this will be the third time for us. The first we road down and camped along the way, making a film about the trip called ‘FURTHER’, which is a word we use internally to name the adventures we share together and the people we like to associate our ventures with. This we did as a joint venture/journey with ‘Kingdom of Kicks’  shot by Sam Christmas, filmed by Benny (Benjamin J Robinson) who is Edwin’s supremely talented art director and old friend to boot.  This year, we are working on some specific ideas, following some really inspiring conversations with Vincent Prat, which we be limited to the event itself in small runs. To be honest, all the conversations I have ever had with Vincent have been inspiring. This is the reason, above all we participate. I will always remember the first trip down there, after days of rain and camping and adventure being a little lost and we had stopped off in some fields to rest for a while and get some footage…a convoy of amazing cars and bikes drove past, then they backed up and the people got to say hello to us. This was the first time I met Vincent. He offered us a warm meal at his house that night, which I can tell you was probably something I will never forget. This collection of really good, human beings I and the other Edwin/Further people have had the good fortune to meet through Vincent Prat, The Southsiders, Blitz Motorcycles, Kingdom of Kicks, Nico (Ornamental Conifer), El Solitario, Maxwell (CFH), Sam Christmas amongst others is why we enjoy being there. It is for us, as much if not more about the people we meet and being interested in sharing those moments than the work we do together of separately. For me, it remains a simple decision. The only downside is the pain I get in my face from spending so much time laughing my head off at all that goes on, especially when Mark Amos is about…
9/ Are you involved in any other motorcycling x retro events in Europe ? In the US ? In Japan ?
No. We don’t really feel that this is something we want to pursue at present. I am happy for us to be involved with Wheels & Waves, because we really, genuinely enjoy partaking and sharing these times. This is the event I want for Edwin to be involved with, because from my first experience, it was the right feeling, coming from genuinely open minded passionate people with a clear vision. This is what makes our involvement relevant, because every time I have attended, the vision and feeling is still as strong as the first time I set foot there. Edwin supports Wheels & Waves, that’s it. Good times with friends.
10/ Last question, can you tell us about your bike ? 
No, because its being worked on by a friend, James Jordan (Kingdom Of Kicks) at the moment, and I have no clue as to what will be the result before I see it at Wheels & Waves. It is good to work with people like this. I don’t make bikes, I make denim, so I guess when it comes to motorcycles, I feel that the best way for me, is to trust someone who knows you well enough to create something interesting. Same way we go about the projects we do with people when we make denim for them. There are a few key factors to consider, but I feel that trust is the main point. When Blitz Motorcycles made the ‘Stealth’ Bike for us (EDWIN), I literally saw it on the day it came out the back of the van on top of a mountain, where we had gone to shoot a film. It was my 40th birthday. What a day !Soon, it will be going back to visit its home, in Paris, for a few modifications before goingEdwin Europeto Wheels & Waves, where we intend to have it shown in our makeshift home for a few days amongst some other bikes, product and smiling faces. At home I have a couple of old 1970′s Yamaha TY trials bikes, which I use to ride the track on. There are miles oftrails where I live, so it is ideal for this… I am not an experienced rider or knowledgeable about motorcycles by any stretch of the imagination, I just enjoy that feeling for freedomlike we all do and sharing some good times in nature with my friends and family like I have strived to do all my life and will continue to do so for as long as I live.




Introducing you to BMW Motorrad France’s marketing manager, and owner of the « Lucky Cat Garage ».
What is your current position Sebastien Lorentzwithin BMW Motorrad France ?
Since 2010, I am Marketing Manager at BMW Motorrad France.
How did you reach this position ?
I started at BMW Motorrad in 2003, as Parts & Accessories Coordinator, and then as After-Sales Manager. A marketing position in the bike branch, seemed as a logical continuation to me.
What are your main responsibilities ?
BMW Motorrad France is a subsidiary of BMW Motorrad, therefore our goals are mainly based on the brand communication in France, both to boost the sales and reinforce the brand image.
Can you tell us more about « The Lucky Cat Garage » ?
Well, The Lucky Cat Garage, all together a playground, a true space of freedom and also the laboratory, where I can push my experiments on personal projects.
After meeting such a success  with « the SprintBeemer », are you working on a new project ?
Yes, I am currently reassembling a motorcycle of track for « la femme de ma vie ». It is a Triumph pre-unit from 1961 I am working on, with Frank from the « Atelier Chatokhine ».
daniel beresThis being said, I am still dealing with some developments for The Sprintbeemer, aiming for more speed… I must also confess that I could easily use a nineT as a basis for a custom exercise, if I only had some spare time.
How did you hear about Wheels & Waves ?
Fred & Hugo, from Blitz Motorcycles, whom I knew before they opened their workshop, made me discover this event. This is how I got to participate, with them, to the 2012 edition, spending lovely moments and meeting many great people.
Did you imagine at that time, that the event would meet such a success ?
Well in fact, yes I felt like it was going to become a success. And this is why I truly militated  in favour of BMW Motorrad presence at the 2013 edition, in order to prepare the launching of our nineT in 2014 !
How much are you involved in the organization ? ?
I try to fit the brand as close as possible into the event.
Ride, running race, surf ontest, exhibitions, concerts… how are you going to organize your W&W14 ? Work or playtime ?
The 2014 edition is going to be work oriented, but I must say that I am already quite excited to meet there some friends I do not get to see elsewhere. We should find some time to spend good moments and to simply ride with pleasure on the sightseeing roads of the region. Exhibitions and concerts are just icing on the cake !
Do you already know which bikes you will be riding ?
I think I can manage coming with The Sprintbeemer, that I intend to ride… even if it is not the best bike for this year’s hill climb. So, I will also bring over my Dustbeemer, its GT counterpart, which I came with in 2012.
The W&W spirit in three words ?
Sharing, freedom and great moments
What about your survival kit for the 2014 W&W ?
A serious load of good mood, vitamins and two garbage fairings !




Meet the man behind one of the most insightful website about the motorcycle culture Bike Exif, and co-editor of the acclaimed book The Ride.
1 / When did your passion for custom bikes begin ? How old were you when you bought your first motorcycle and what was it ?
When I was teenager growing up in the UK, I rode a friend’s motocross bike. It was great fun, but then I got into cars. Many years later, living in Sydney Australia, my interest in motorcycles was rekindled. Sydney is a very motorcycle-friendly city and about six years ago I bought my first bike, a Moto Guzzi V7. I’m late to the scene.
2 / How often do you ride, and what do you ride ?
I ride once or twice a week at the moment — I now live in New Zealand and there are some fantastic roads near our farm.
3 / Besides your site « bike exif »and the amazing book that you’ve co-edited « The Ride », what is your involvement in the custom bike scene ?
The-Ride-book-mendo-amsterdam-bookshop-long-john-blog-wouter-munnichs-jeans-denim-authentic-books-bikers-bikes-helmet-original-raw-rigid-2I have judged shows, such as the Bike Build Off at Deus in Sydney, and I provide informal advice to builders on how to promote themselves and become better known. I also write a monthly column for the UK’s biggest-selling motorcycle magazine, Bike, and occasionally contribute the the Japanese magazine Moto Navi and the US magazine BikeCraft.
4 / Do you travel to a lot of events around the world ?
I travel to France every year for Wheels & Waves, and I went to EICMA in Milan last year at Yamaha’s invitation. I go to the Deus events in Sydney and in 2015 I’m hoping to go the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy.
5 / How is the custom bike scene in New Zealand ? Are you close to some NZ or any other workshops ? Which ones and why ?
The motorcycle scene in New Zealand is very small indeed: the classic motorcycle scene is much bigger. NZ is very much a ‘car culture’ and cars are cheap, so fewer people ride motorcycles. There are some amazing classic bikes around, but relatively few custom builders.
6 /You used to work as a creative director in an advertising agency based in Sydney. What made you quit ? Did you then start Bike EXIF right after ?
I can remember the exact moment I decided to get out of advertising: It was while sitting on the terrace of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes during the Lions advertising festival. I was surrounded by other Australian and New Zealand creative directors, and they weren’t my kind of people. I realized that if I didn’t quit the business, I would end up becoming ‘one of them.’ So the clock started ticking. By the time I left the business, I was running Bike EXIF as a hobby, but I was ready to go full-time.
7 / How do you explain the emergence and recent growth of the custom bike scene around the world ?
I think it is partly a return to simpler pleasures, away from large, complex and heavy production bikes. And also a desire to ‘personalize’ a machine in our mass-produced age. It’s also worth noting that nearly all of the bigger custom moto websites are run by people who have a ‘day job’ in the media or advertising, and know how to ‘work the system.’ So the builders and bikes get a lot of exposure, which in turn drives demand.
8 / What is it about the vintage and custom moto trend that touches people in such a strong way ?
The bikes are beautiful objects, made from metal. They have a sense of permanence and great style. They are easy to store, relatively cheap to buy compared to a car, and give great ownership satisfaction. They’re also a symbol of freedom. We live in a very regulated age, but when you are out riding your bike, no one can touch you.
9 /What did you think of last year’s edition of Wheels and Waves ? Could you describe the spirit of the event in three words ?
Exhilarating, stylish and friendly.
10/ What about your survival kit for Wheels and Waves ?
I like to travel light. I’ll have a basic change of clothes, plus a camera and a laptop to keep in touch with the website. To survive the convoluted journey from New Zealand I’ll pick up a Henning Mankell novel and a copy of Monocle at the airport shop, and keep a sleep mask in my bag!



We are very excited to release the first announcement about the 2014 edition of the anticipated WHEELS and WAVES festival.

Please find the media release attached, along with the official artwork for this year's event.

Also the link to the Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/458286687605760/

Feel free to share and please let us know if you have any questions,

We hope to see you in June,

Stay tuned !

Excitation is at its peak as the crew Southsiders announces the return of the event WHEELS and WAVES in Biarritz, from Thursday 12th of June 2014 to Sunday the 15th ! And what a big news this year : the third chapter of this beautiful adventure is now extended to 4 days instead of 3. Exactly what was needed to fully enjoy a program that keeps up with its level of quality and diversity.

With its fine blend of mechanics, vintage, surfing, art and music, WHEELS and WAVES has become one of the most anticipated events in the custom motocycling scene in only just a few years. A place where today’s top builders and manufacturers, along with other major actors of this new wave scene come from all over the world, to meet and share their common passion. But moreover, a festival where the public gets to discover the inside-outs of this new “RIDE” culture that we see growing amongst many markets.
Standing as a crossover event, this year’s festival comes back with the introduction of new activities including an amateur surf contest fuelled by the retro spirit of the 70’s, but also a new site called “studio denim”, commissioned by Nick Clements, which will gather heritage clothing brands that have been inspired by the motorcycling culture for decades. The main village located at the bottom of the Biarritz lighthouse will remain the meeting point during the event, with many unique pieces for the public to admire, along with a diversity of rare old machines.There, builders and brands will also be unveiling their latest creations and exclusive collabs.
Amongst the highlights of the event, a new multi-artistic art exhibition will open the festival, in an old garage, a 1000 sqm place with walls covered by many artworks inspired by wheels and waves.
The crew Southsiders will soon reveal the list of artists, and we can assure you that the public will be not the less stunned. But back to the main focus where strong sensations, adrenaline, freedom and noise are celebrated. A demo Hill Race will take place at the top of a breathtaking mountain. Pilotes driving machines from the 30’s to the 70’s will be racing on a scenic road between the ocean and the mountain. Photographers will be rushing on that day; along with media as this is set to be the highlight of the weekend.
Hell of a yes, the anticipated 250km ride is also on the agenda with a new itinerary that will be announced very shortly.
The crew is putting together new monthly newsletters that you should subsribe to in order to receive all the updates about WHEELS and WAVES 2014, so feel free to register HERE to get the latest news !

Opening of the “Village Expo” and “Studio Denim”- Biarritz Lighthouse
Amateur surf contest (inscription form online soon) - Biarritz
Wheels and Waves Exhibition Opening - Biarritz
“Village Expo” and “Studio Denim”- Biarritz Lighthouse
Hill Race - place TBC soon
“Village Expo” and “Studio Denim”- Biarritz Lighthouse
250KM Ride - Basque Country (course revealed soon)
Live Concerts
Chill / Brunch

L’excitation est à son apogée alors que le Crew Southsiders annonce le retour de l’évènement WHEELS and WAVES à Biarritz, du Jeudi 12 Juin au Dimanche 15 ! Et surprise de taille: le troisième chapitre de cette belle aventure s’étendra cette année sur 4 jours au lieu de 3 - le temps de profiter pleinement d’une programmation qui persiste dans sa volonté de diversité.
Alliance originale de mécanique, de vintage, de surf, d’art et de musique, WHEELS and WAVES est devenu en quelques années l’un des rendez-vous incontournable pour les passionnés de culture ride, amateurs et professionnels. Là où les préparateurs, constructeurs, et autres acteurs majeurs de la scène moto custom affluent du monde entier pour se rencontrer et partager leurs passions communes, le public est invité à découvrir cette culture “RIDE” dont on entend de plus en plus parler.
Dans le but de proposer un week-end vivant et transversal, le format 2014 s’annonce plein de nouveautés avec l’introduction d’un contest de surf à l’esprit “revival”, qui s’imprègne du surf des années 70, mais aussi d’un nouvel espace appelé “Studio Denim” qui rassemblera des marques héritage textiles associées à l’univers de la moto depuis des décénnies. Le village expo situé au pied du phare reste le point de rassemblement principal pendant la durée du festival avec la présentation de nombreuses pièces uniques à admirer; le custom bratstyle” sera mis à l’honneur, ainsi qu’une diversité de machines anciennes d’exception. Les constructeurs et marques partenaires y exposeront également leurs dernières créations, et collaborations exclusives.
Parmi les autres temps forts, une nouvelle exposition multi-artistique inaugurera le festival, dans l’ancien garage Foch, un lieu de plus de 1000 m2 qui se prête parfaitement à l’installation des oeuvres
séléctionnées pour l’occasion. Le Crew Southsiders annoncera très prochainement la liste d’artistes et le public peut d’ores et déjà s’attendre à une programmation de qualité.
Pour revenir à la mécanique et aux sensations fortes, une démonstration de course de côte rassemblera tous les amateurs d’adrénaline au sommet d’une montagne dans le magnifique Pays Basque. Les pilotes de machines allant des années 30 aux années 70 s’affronteront dans un cadre exceptionnel qui saura ravir le public et les photographes.
La journée de ride de 250 kilomètres est bien sûr toujours au programme, avec un nouvel itinéraire que les Southsiders dévoileront très bientôt !
Une newsletter mensuelle WHEELS and WAVES est désormais mise en place par les Southsiders, n’hésitez pas à vous inscrire ICI pour recevoir les compléments d’informations relatives au programme de l’édition 2014. Le site sera mis à jour très prochainement également.


Ouverture du Village Expo et Studio Denim- Phare de Biarritz
Contest amateur de surf (formulaire d’inscription bientôt en ligne) - Biarritz
Inauguration Exposition Wheels and Waves - Biarritz
Village Expo et Studio Denim - Phare de Biarritz
Course de Côte - Pays Basque
Village Expo et Studio Denim - Phare de Biarritz
Ride 250 KM - Pays Basque
Journée Chill / Brunch


Do, start and keep trying

 . This is the story of a chance meeting.

The Southsiders share many passions, from bikes to surfing, therefore it was only natural that my neighbour Julien who shares the same interests has recently become integrated to the Southsiders’ crew. The Norton that we are showing you today has been a long challenge for me. As a matter of fact it got me thinking as to why do we only see rigids based on Triumphs or BSAs and never on  Commandos? It’s an unanswerable question for me but we are very proud of the finished build

Vincent Prat

words by Julien Azé

 A couple of years ago I went to see my neighbour who was reputed to be an authority on old motorcycles to show him a beach cruiser I had recently bought. We talked,then visited his garage where I saw an old Mercedes,a bettle,Ducati,Moto Guzzi,Norton and a Triton.

For me everything started from meeting Vincent. Then I began to follow the Southsiders blog and attend some events they organised at the shop "Eastside" in Toulouse and at the "The third year party".I then became involved in the first and second W&W.
 During the weekends of the (cold) winter of 2011-2012, I was spontaneously invited to Vincent’s garage. Florent arrived at the same time, with the project of reviving his father’s old Norton : I got involved with the project with Vincent, the thinker, and Florent, a novice like myself: both of us in the role of those carrying out the orders. Slowly, I became familiar with this type of mechanics and despite some periods of inactivity, I made progress. Certainly if Vincent hadn’t put his ideas, his knowledge and his garage at my disposal, I would never have thought to have thrown myself in to the project of acquiring the Norton.

I had bought my 1974 Norton HiRider 850cc a year and a half earlier from  a French importer of English motorcycles destined for the American market. For him this bike, an order that never came off, was incongruous in his stable of flamboyantly new bikes: it was my holy grail.
I came back from a trip in the USA and despite its numerous stylistic faults, this English bike reeked of California!
This Norton came from Baxter Motorcycles in Iowa. Its historical importance was slight, but the style is irreprochable… the previous owner had the ideas, but not the means. I nicknamed him ‘the butcher of Iowa ‘Mechanically the bike was not functional, the front tyre was from a car, the sissy bar was looked like it had been forged by teeth. Mechanically everything had to be redone: Having been thrown in at the deep end I had to develop from a novice into a quasi-expert in Norton Commmandos

Like so many others I would go off driving, break down, repair the problem, find another…. During one and a half years our relationship was up and down: full of joys and despair, numerous frustrations, desire to abandon the project, then start it again. During this time I would visit the Southsiders garage, where I witnessed several other exciting projects: the beautiful realisation of Florent’s Café Racer, the preparation of Vincent’s Triton for Bonneville 2012, the finishing touches for the electrics and last details on the Bobber Triumph of Christophe Canitrot …I realise today that it was that period, so rich in apprenticeships: (mechanics,design, forging, electrics, painting, etc), which pushed me to make my Norton project so much better, and to have such an ambitious goal. Compare a stock version of the HiRider to that which I have accomplished, and you'll see how far I have gone.
Nothing has been  delegated to a subcontractor: everything that has been done on this motorbike, has been done in the garage, and I think I can say that everyone who has set foot in there has particiapated to some extent in the project. Corey Wyatt, who speeded up the process, thanks to his skill and speed at welding and Chaudonnerie;  Frédéric Antoine,, for his talents as a blacksmith; Marcel Galinié, the goldsmith/ mechanic,whose milling and lathework, made a big difference onthe bike, Thierry De Miras for his unerring ear which can detect potentially expensive suspicious noises ,Henry Martinez, for his generous inventory of readily available parts; Benoit Guerry for the quality of his photos, and for sharing each disappointment. Vincent Prat, for time spent in the garage discussing things together, thinking about all possible angles by which to advance the project. And for the final touch, Jerome Gone, who brilliantly adjusted the cable throttle!

Today, it's just pleasure. The bike reacts perfectly to me. The engine runs like clockwork, and its handling on the road lives up to all its promises, with the added bonus of watts à gogo as it accelerates. Several days ago  the guys at Southsiders all took to the road on it in turn and as I saw their collective unanimous smile I said to myself that the project is validated.... !

Photos by Benoit Guerry (studio) and Vincent Prat (action)

Not one but two oil tanks built from stolen urban furniture

Handforged bars

That Cibié Headlamp comes from the 30's thanks to JCBarrois

 Shall we remove that front brake Julien?

Back to the forge, where the bike was born.


Wheels and Waves 2013

Southsiders present: Wheels & Waves - second edition from Douglas Guillot on Vimeo.

Why did we bring together motorcycles and surfing for a second event ?
A question that we are often being asked.
The answer lies in the notion of freedom that is drawn from these two disciplines - and the resulting danger and adrenaline that are two significant and common reactions.
"Riding" is addictive, we are in need of this vital energy.
Wheels and Waves is a unique opportunity for us to gather and share our passions in a stunning region and environment.
We've loved making and living this event, the story is far from over as we imagine new surprises for the next edition.

See you soon!

pourquoi avoir tenté d'associer pour la deuxième fois les motos et le surf ?
c'est une question qui nous est régulièrement posée. La réponse réside dans la notion de liberté
qui se dégage de ces deux disciplines, la mise en danger et l'adrénaline qui en découle sont deux aspects
communs non négligables. Rider est addictif. nous avons besoin de cette énergie vitale.
Wheels and Waves est une occasion unique de nous retrouver et de partager nos passions dans un cadre et une région facinante.
Nous avons aimé construire et vivre cet événement, l'aventure est loin d'être terminée, nous nous devons d'imaginer une suite
toujours plus surprenante, A bientôt!

vincent Prat



After long weeks of waiting, our Wheels and Waves 2013 website is finally online.

You'll find all the necessary participant's information for the event which takes place mid June, but also discover this year's section called "registration" allowing you to sign-up for the two rides (Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June), and to pre-register for meals.

The numbers are limited, so your cooperation will allow us to plan & privilege all registered participants.

A big thank you to all of our partners, without whom this event could not exist.

I would also like to thank the W & W team for their considerable efforts:
Thierry de Miras, Jérome et Valérie Allé, Benoit Guerry, Olivier Prat, Kenny Jacob,Vincent Lassere,
Anik Labreigne, Neil Williams, Phil Lalemant.

Special thanks to Steven Burke for his remarkable graphic design work, and to Marc Steinmetz who developed the website.

Come see it at: Wheels-and-waves.com

Après de longues semaines d'attente, nôtre site Wheels and Waves 2013 est enfin en ligne.
Vous y trouverez toutes les informations utiles pour rejoindre l'événement du mois de Juin, mais aussi cette année une rubrique "enregistrement" vous permettant de vous inscrire non seulementpour les deux rides (Vendredi 14 et Samedi 15 juin), mais aussi de vous inscrire pour les repas.
Leur nombre étant limité, cela nous permet d'évaluer à l'avance le nombre de participants.

Un grand merçi à tous nos partenaires sans lesquels cet événement gratuit ne pourrait exister.
Je tiens aussi à remercier toute l'équipe de travail pour leurs efforts considérables
Thierry de Miras, Jérome et Valérie Allé, Benoit Guerry, Kenny, Olivier Prat Jacob,Vincent Lassere, Anik Labreigne, Neil Williams, Phil Lalemant
Merçi à Steven Burke pour son remarquable Design graphique, et à Marc Steinmetz pour le développement du site.

Rendez vous sur Wheels-and-waves.com



Four Artists at Wheels & Waves

Galerie 13 Avril - 22 Avenue Montjoly - Biarritz Thursday June 13th 7pm

Le photographe New-Yorkais Bill Phelps s’est forgé une carrière de renommée internationale en apportant sa vision artistique au monde de la publicité, et en collaborant avec des magazines de mode telles que Vogue Italie, The New York Times et Interview. Les portraits et paysages shootés par Phelps font de lui un réel poète de la photographie. Egalement féru de motos et propriétaire du Café Moto à Brooklyn, Phelps présentera une série intitulée “Ocean” ou l’on retrouve les éléments phare du Wheels and Waves; l’eau et la moto.

Brooklyn-based photographer Bill Phelps has built an international career working in advertising, and lending his talents to fashion magazines such as Italian Vogue, The New York Times and Interview. He is considered as one of image-making world’s true visual poets for the portraits and landscapes he has shot. Also captivated by motorbikes and owner of the Café Moto in Brooklyn, Phelps will present a series of photographs called “Ocean” in which two of the main elements of the event Wheels and Waves are highlighted; water and motorbikes.

Photographe, réalisateur de long-métrage, de clip et de pub, Alain Duplantier découvre sa passion pour l’image à 13 ans. Il fait ses armes dans des labos et des studios photo, assiste de grands photographes tels que Jean Baptiste Mondino, et enchaine les opportunités de boulot qui se bousculent. Dès 1989, Libération le remarque pour son style très affirmé et lui ouvre ses pages afin d’y réaliser des série de portraits de personnalités de tout bord. Il turbine aux décibels punk rock, il traine dans tous les concerts possibles et inimaginables et photographie des grands noms de la scène rock , parmi lesquelles Lou Reed, Bjork, Brian Jones, Etienne Daho et Bertrand Cantat, qui seront exposées à la Galerie 13 Avril dans le cadre du WHEELS and WAVES.

Photographer, cinematographer and director, Alain Duplantier discovered a passion for image-making at the age of 13. Building his career after assisting many professionals within developing photo studios, he was also the assistant of some big photographers such as Jean Baptiste Mondino. Many opportunities raised to him, before French newspaper Libération got him to shoot a series of portraits of some of the biggest personalities of all kind. As he gets to hang out in the indie punk rock scene, he found himself shooting some of the biggest figures like Bjork, Lou Reed, Brian Jones, Etienne Daho, and Bertrand Cantat. Some to can be witnessed at Galerie 13 Avril at the launch of WHEELS and WAVES.

Influencé par le design, la mode et l’architecture du début du siècle jusqu’aux années 60, l’artiste et surfeur Brian Bent est un homme aux talents multiples. Sa vie et son univers artistique évoluent autour de la sculpture, de la peinture illustrative, du design d’intérieur, de la musique, du surf mais aussi de la contruction automobile et plus particulièrement des vieilles voitures de course. Cette année, Bent nous fait l’honneur de venir exposer des toiles peintes spécialement pour le WHEELS and WAVES, une première exposition en France pour l’artiste Californien.

Self taught and influenced by the mid-century modern period of design, fashion, and architecture, musician, artist and surfer Brian Bent exhibits for the first time in Europe at Wheels & Waves.
It would be so simple to place Brian Bent in a box and say, “Hey look, there’s Brian the painter” or “I just saw Brian Bent the hot rod builder flying down the road in a fresh built jalopy”. It might be easier for the artist to settle on building 1930s style kook-box surfboards or doing his own unique style of screen printing. Focusing on any one might make life a little less complicated for him but that’s not who Brian Bent is. This man does not actually do work with the aim to sell or publish (although he achieves both very well) he just creates as and when the mood and direction takes him. One day a car, the next a collection of prints or some clothes to wear and the next... who knows? Brian Bent’s life is his art and for Wheels and Waves 2013 he brings with him a new set of paintings especially for the show in Biarritz.


Le photographe Espagnol Alberto Garcia Alix débute son travail artistique à la fin des années 70 après la mort du General Franco. Témoin du quotidien, de ses nuits et de ses contours, il dépeint le mouvement culturel de la Movida dans sa pure vérité. La marginalité, la drogue, et le rock and roll en font partie. Malgré la dureté de certains de ses portraits, il n’en capte pas moins une grande poésie. Publié dans de nombreux magazines de mode et reconnu dans le milieu de l’art contemporain, Garcia-Alix est l’un des photographes les plus représentatifs d’une époque, d’un mouvement, d’un pays.

Spanish photographer Alberto Garcia Alix debuted as an artist at the end of the seventies, after Franco passed away. He was witnessing the everydaylife and the underground nights lived by his friends at the time, and despite the true.. and sad life they had, Garcia-Alix managed to share the emotional dimension of it all. Garcia-Alix stands as a true representative of The Movida; that - word - echoeing with sex, drug and rock n roll.