Summer 2015 - Random photos

At Roland Sands Design

SURFING with Brian Bent around San Clemente

At Mason Dyer 's Workshop

In Santa Cruz with Paul, Jared, Alan, David, Olivier

 Monterey Jet Center

Pau D'Orleans (The Vintagent), Alan Stulberg (Revival cycles), me, David Borras 5El olitario), Jared Zaugg (Bench and Loom) 

In Costa Mesa with Wolfgang Bloch

 At Scotty's home


Sunset in San Clemente

San Juan Capistano - The Mission

At Icon's of Surf - Surfshop - San Clemente

 To the Lookout with Brian, JJ, Roland, Shinya, Ayu, Nico, Fred, David, Olivier, Lorraine


At the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center - San Clemente