Japan Trip - day by day - HRCS 2105 Mooneyes setup

Back from Tokyo and the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom show in Yokohama. No needs to say that once again we have seen the best of the Custom bike world, and surrounded by the very good mates, we also had great night parties. Our local friend Tadashi guiding us in a memorable bike builders workshops tour.

We were lucky enough to meet Naoto Hinai aka "Nuts" responsible of our actual wheels and Waves graphics. He will be one of our main guests for the Artride exhibition in Biarritz from 8 to 12 June 2016

We would love to stay longer and dig more and more about Japan... In the near future I hope, we will be able to do it!

This post is about our first day in Yokohama during the setup of the show, we ended at Masa's Delight

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You need inspiration? take this, money doesn't matter !
Hot Dock Keiji Kawakita is the man ...
All my youth in this cosmic tank
2 months for this build
Great respect for Kaichiroh Kurosu the master builder
The Japanese Flathead version of the 45
Heiwas H.D first build
XLH perfection.
The Oilers made it big and very nice !
Not sure ...
East LA or what?
Finally alone in the gift shop
Delight , Nuts graphics on the left
You know Rob i do it every days ...
Motoyan and the NFK Gang
Hey Conrad !
Who that Girl ?
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Cedric you are a legend all over Japan !