Three days in Los Angeles for Inspiration Show

Among the shows that I like to see for a long time, Inspiration LA was high on my list. So I took my ticket and a few hours later, I found myself on the other side. Then I had to take the Surfliner, the train that winds along the coast from Los Angeles to San Diego. Immediately here, I am in the mood. At Rush Hour where people come home from work. I have an appointment with Brian and his family around San Juan for dinner. I left France with snow, here everyone wears a Tshirt ...

The next day, with the help of Jet Lag, early in the morning, Brian offers me a ride with his 1927 Oakland . This amazing car with wooden wheels, monumental tires and wonderful flathead inline six cylinders, leads us by the Ortega Highway to the Lookout,this magnificent view overlooking Lake Elsinore. The air is crisp, but the sun is quick to warm us. Every minute is unreal like a gift from heaven.
Then after loading the 49 Studebaker truck  with all Brian stuff. We leave for LA. Rivka (Brians lovely wife) prepared giant burritos we swallow as sea lions, listening to Hank Williams in the old rickety pick-up.
Inspiration is all I I like the 2 days of shows, going at the speed of light, I meet so many peoples and I see so many exciting things... i feel dizzy !
Finally we'll drink some beer at the RRL party on Melrose followed by an excellent Mexican "El Coyote" in good company ...
I finish the night in Venice with Nick and Matt. On Sunday, the third day of my flash trip, we go back at Brian's for a photoshoot. it's already time to leave ... How good is Inspiration!

©Bernard Testemale

Shinya Kimura and Menacing Ayu will be our guests in Biarritz during Wheels and Waves

Rob @ EatDust will be part of the Fourth Wheels and Waves

Dyer Brand   Dyer Mason will be part of the fourth Wheels and Waves

OIlers CC

Cycle Zombies
If you meet with Zombies in Biarritz, everything is normal !

Santa Fe Vintage

Ascari Bicycles

Jeff Decker Will be part of the Art exhibition in Biarritz during Wheels and Waves

Christine @ Gypsy Hunter  LA , will exhibits at next the Wheels and Waves

a Ride in the Boat tail 32/V8 has something unreal ©Bernard Testemale

Once again at the Lookout for a Mensfile photoshoot with Nick Clements