Hot rod Vs Biplane

Exclusive to Southsiders as first to show this film.

The Southsiders network really covers the globe and Wheels & Waves participant Brian Bent of San Clemente is a key link in a chain that joins the major continents and meets back in Toulouse. In this movie we see the climax of the Freak's Store Tour of California for which Brian and JJ Wessels built an old skool hot rod in Brian's front yard. Based on a 1929 Erskine (once part of Studebaker) and with a Pontiac straight six and Toyota back end the pair drove the machine from their home to the Golden Gate and back, taking in Big Sur and Santa Cruz on the way. Giving moral and material support (they had a van) were the Cycle Zombies and both Scotty and Turkey Stopnik can be seen here astride Triumph and H-D mounts. Prior to this last day event the band of friends had been surfing and skating – Mr Bent prefers roller skates these days – the route and scoring good waves and radical drains and ditches, but always with the finale of the tour in mind. The drag run between a one of Brian Bent's hot rods and an old airplane had been hanging around in the air since Brian and Men's File editor Nick Clements first met over 5 years ago. Now, with JJ's help this had become a reality and a match between a WWII Stearman biplane and the Erskine had been arranged. When the time came the Stopniks joined in the fun.

Director: Nick Clements (Men's File)

Hot Rod Vs. Biplane from Dir. Nick Clements on Vimeo.