Impostor: Love it or Burn it !

We at Southsiders have always supported  actively creativity and open mindset.  As such, we are proud to introduce Impostor.
Impostor is part of the soulfuel project launched by BMW last September. The Urban Motors project was unveiled three months ago and the BLITZ project will be unveiled in Biarritz at Wheels and waves. Both three bikes will be exhibited by BMW at the Lighthouse.

El Solitario motorcycles are not intended to seek for beauty or practicality, as these are attributes that dominate today's spectrum and therefore do not interest us. Our motorcycles are mere autobiographical exercises that depict an instant capture of the journey in which we are immersed in, as we try to look for the conceptual essence of the motorized two wheeled artifact. We seek for those attributes that make a bike stand out in contemporary society's imaginarium & not on daily roads. Those qualities, in the old days more plainly identifiable in every motorcycle, have today been lost and it is for their recovery & exaltation that we work for. But what are we talking about here? Simple... Speed, traction, power, character, personality, respect, fear, danger... With our motorcycles we look to create an impact on the viewer, and this does not necessary mean to please their eyes with easy indulgent proposals. So it is ready to expect the polarizing of opinions, being some reactions of strong hate and disregard, specially from the most narrow-minded elements of biker culture, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Still, we know a lot more now than when we started this long trip and our motorcycles are getting closer to our ideas. At first we followed the rules as we didn't know better, but slowly these wild side became present and more & more dominant in our creations, to the point that this is our only goal now, only limited by the necessity of our art to be rideable, and rideable hard. Every Solitario is prepared to get on a cross country road trip as that is what they are meant for. We do not produce show bikes as we despise that genre, understanding that it is a shame to spend countless hours in constructing, a supposedly liberating instrument like a motorcycle for the sole purpose of looking at it.

Photos by Kristina Fender

watch this mystical video , when traddition mingle with the  monsters building Aouuuhhhhhh !!ii

LIFE from El Solitario on Vimeo.