An Insider's look at W&W

Three months have passed since Wheels & Waves, and that's as much time I needed before catching up with the team. WIth the efforts and the hard work we've put in the event, we needed a few weeks to be able to look back.

We all left W&W with a very good feeling, of having succeeded in our mission, and have grown with a real desire to continue the adventure.

Life is sometimes unforseeable and full of surprises - good or bad. Doing an event like W&W doesn't happen like that, it's rather the result of a lot of hard work and many challenges to face.

Our deliberate choice to organize Wheels and Waves as a free event with a public access has proved to be a key element in chosing the right venue, and one of our first major challenges. It's a hard task to put a number on the amount of participants. The venue is fundamental; the location and the scenography have a great visual impact, which we give a lot of importance to.

The weather also plays an essential part, and although we've been lucky this year, there's a major risk to take in which we can do nothing.

To that, we added this year the crazy idea of wanting runs on the road... which local authorities only approved 2 days before the beginning of the event. Lucky us ;)

Among the other requirements we had, was to produce a credible art exhibition. Another challenge as the choice of artists is subjective and personal. Our choice was the result of meetings and discussions, which helped us select the Fantastic Four. Personally, I have always cultivated an immoderate taste for the dark and mysterious aesthetic and they reflected this. Each of the four artists in their own way led us through the maze of their own minds, with some dark, rock and also romantic feel to it.

Thanks again to them.

We're already in the middle of planning the 2014's edition of Wheels and Waves; the inspiration is already gaining momentum we just need to put the ideas into practice!

Stronger, faster, further! Til next year...

Vincent Prat
Anik Labreigne

I would like to add some of the most outstanding pictures from present photographers. Some will be etched in my memory for a long.


 Philippe "Ayurveda"Legal

Conrad Leach

Christophe Canitrot

Jörg Niemeyer

Louise @March LA.B

Sarah Arnould

Roland Sands

Tom Bonnet

Galician Canibal

Benny @ Edwin Europe

Marta Rodriguez

Nick Clements

Spanish crew

Paul Truchot

Paul D'Orléans

Keep this place in your mind for next year, something important should happen there !

Jérome Coste

Sébastien Chirpaz

Lorenzo Zua Zua

Tamara Bell

Brian Bent

Alberto Garcia Alix

Oivier Prat

Hugo Jézéguebel

Nick Clements

Paul d'Orléans and Conrad Leach

Biarritz "Grand Plage"

Pierre and son Tom Bonnet

Jaime Garcia-Brian Bent


Juan Ramon Ortega

David Durand

Brian Bent

Lennard "Legs" Schurmanns

Frederique bangerter

Kristina "Karamelito Tropical" Fender

Julien Phomveha


Saladin Stiti

Jérome Coste

Alvaro Ambrosio

Marta Rodriguez

Esther Bent

David Fiddaman

Daniel Crespo

Jules Watts


Dimitri Coste/David Durand

Vincent Lassere /David Borras


Irène Kotnik

Sylvain Berneron

Perkins Lyautey

Alexander Dalton

Marta Rodriguez

Antonio Merinero

Sébastien Chirpaz

David Borras

Alberto Garcia Alix


Chris Hunter/ Thor Drake

Juan Ramon Ortega

Julien Azé

James Jordan

Tamara bell

Fred Jourden

Dimitri Coste



Maxwell Paternoster

Daniel Gallar/Merche Domot

Hedi Ben Youssef

Arthur de Kersauzon

The Four Horsemen

Make Bromance and not War !

Christophe Canitrot




Mark Amos


Dimitri, Seb and Hugo

Seafood eater


Live performance Artist Brian Bent for our Partner Red Wing

The prizes ceremony 2 beautiful March LA.B for the winners

My Rocket beiing stolen ?

A view from upstairs shot during the ride...


We can't promise this Sunset next year , but we'll ask for !





Anik Labreigne/Kenny Jacob

Pa Trick


Bill Phelps

The Morodors

Tania & Dominique

Saladin Stiti

Jérome Allé

Thierry De Miras

PD'O / Sebastien Lorentz

Benoit Guerry