The Laguna Garage

From time to time, whilst driving in the car or on a motorbike, I get a subliminal image in my head and wonder if I actually saw what I thought... I had seen...

This was the case last weekend, as I was driving up the road, in the rain, raindrops running down the windows, We suddenly had the impression, through the door, of seeing a garage with old cars and classic motorcycles...
Immediately into reverse, and we saw the front grill of a DB6 and next to it a grill from a Thunderbird.

We had to see more.

The open doors invited us to enter, and from behind his welding mask, a man gave us permission to look around.The garage has existed since the 20s, and is still in its original state, along with its dusty windows.
Today it's the headquarters of a classic car club where a local architect works on these machines from another age, for nothing more than the pleasure of sharing his experience with the members of the club.

Wonderful ambiance