My Punk Music Youth #1


Summer 1977 and the wave of punk spread like a virus into the remotest areas of our country (France). This movement was born a year ealier in England, as a marketing idea of Malcolm McLaren: launching a group of non musicians the Sex Pistols onto the music scene. The songs were short, singing out of tune wasn't just not an obligation, but moreover the whole point was to spit their rejection into the face of a very conservative society.

Many groups followed. During this period in America, this musical style had already existed for several years, without the label "Punk", with groups like the New York Dolls, The Stooges or even Patti Smith.

I was 16, my sister 18, and for a long time she had introduced me to contemporary wild music: as our father only listened to jazz: war was declared.!
Each evening we used to meet in front of the radio in her bedroom and listen to the radio station with the most up to date music. It was there, well before the start of the internet that we discovered our future heros. I remember perfectly the night when we first heard the Clash and the Ramones' first hit 'Sheena is a punk rocker'. At the same time another style of rebellion was starting in Europe: Reggae, often sympathising with the punk movement. I remember the evening when I heard Jamming by Bob Marley for the first time, and the instant infatuation for both of us.

We had to wait several weeks to receive the imported 45s we ordered at the local record shop.

My aim is to rediscover and share with you, several groups and their tracks that struck me then.
Today only a few of these groups are still listenable, and it seems to me that the complexities of the French language mean that only the groups who sang in English have stood the test of time.

This period of 2 years, shining as bright as a lightning bolt, then gave way to New Wave, which we naturally moved onto as well.

I'll start today with Stinky Toys, a French group with an Uraguyan born singer, Eli Medeiros, and Jacno the songwriter, who met studying Applied Arts in Paris. They have had a success career in duo few years later. Personally I think they've aged well:

what do you think?