Family Portraits

O'Marisquino Kids
Pilon - Kristina
Pilon - Seco
Seco - Kristina

Frederique - Alberto

Frederique - Alberto




El Rollo


Seco Hangover


Seco Hangover



Last Summer ...

As with every summer I can't wait for the  time to set off.

Unlike previous years this year we haven't got a 'big deal' planned, just a ride through Spain and a tour around North Portugal. The idea was to join up with my friend Thierry of the Southsiders and "El Solitario" tribe in their neighbourhood of Galicia, not far from the Portuguese border on the west coast. This area is almost unknown to mass tourism, and has stayed unchanged and authentic, mainly because of its unreliable climate, even in summer.... Another reason for us to return and  complete our exploration!
After a week sunning ourselves in the more touristy south of the region 'the Rias Baixas', the whole tribe had to ride on to the north, to the so called 'Costa da Morte'. As its name suggests, this wild and rocky coast is a good place to  shipwreck a boat. Moreover, some will recall the Prestige oïl Spill on this coast.
Motorbike riding in this region is an unparalleled treat for the eyes but also because the roads are deserted and winding to the extreme and meetings with the police non-existent: so a complete freedom.

Only 100 miles and a first broken cable ! said Tania joking me, Can you be reliable one time in your life?!!

Ok baby I fix it !

Lazlo riding the TRIMOTORO

Are you lookin' for trouble?

Juliette and Thierry on a SP 1000, special wessel for travels

Monasterio de OIA

Oia is very close from the Portugal Border

800 years of History and secrets...

Typical Galician corn drier

3 Guzzis

What is it? A lobsterbike?

Welcome to my future H.Q says D.B

One day in Porto with  Ton-Up Garage  and the Northsiders...

Sardinhas, Vino Verde, Percebes, the classics...

Daniel and Pedro, the men behind Ton-up Garage.

Daniel proud of his rare (in Portugal) 450 SL

A TUG custom built Triumph

discovering Porto

Sergio from Northsiders and Pedro

the Eiffel bridge one of many monuments in Porto

The Douro river.
In front of the actual TUG garage, they will move in the next months and go downtown Porto

I tested for you the Scrambler, i must admit that my life would be easier with a fast and reliable toy...

A beautiful Tornado Super Sport 

Back to Galicia's backroads

I want to go to the Beach , she said...ok ok

Valeria and Mom "la Jefa"

Loren In the Mix @ O"Marisquino.

Dr Hoffman  27 and Lazlo having a friendly coït

Frederique Bangerter

O'Marisquino is a spectacular festival in Vigo dedicated to BMX, Hip-hop dance, Motor Big Air and counter culture.

Loren is a great MC

down left KrisTina

We've made a final burn all three together...

The second part of the trip to the "Costa da Morte" with the Galicians Gipsies, discovering the west coast "Rias", a kind of Spanish Fjords is a fantastic anc buccolic scenery. No tourists here only locals, water is really cold here you need a good reason to take a bath...

but we made it to the water... after a day of ride, that's a good reason...

Tania taking a bit of sun and looking for heat ...

No need to explain how windy is the region.

time for geeks #instashit





KT and David


Alberto G.A

Eating some of the best fishes and seafood ever.

KT and her dogs

Cabo Fisterra

Empty roads

empty Beaches "the World is ours"

"Piston" high compression dog

Adios Muchacha !

Happy hour "dos por uno" Estrella Galicia and Percebes

"Percebes"the crazy seafood are quit good after the first disqusting feeling and very popular here.

a sunset ride to Cabo Vilain, end of the Galician world...

One of the most austere part of the world. Cabo Vilain well know by navigators

Back to France by the Asturias and Cantabria coast

The abandonned Nuclear plant of Lemoniz more infos here

The port of Berméo

Fisherman art " San Juan de Gaztelugatxe"

Many thanks to David and Valéria for hospitality, friendship and debauchery !