Sideburn Party at the Edwin Store London


Thursday November 22th 8:30pm

Following our intuition, and after having seen Horst's Friedrichs great book unveiled( see our previous post),  we decided to go  further with the Spanish crew at Sideburn's issue #12 launch party.

That famous issue #12 was one of the good pretexts to flight to London. Having shot one of the two covers and David from" Death Spray Custom" the other one, I felt suddenly the urge to be present  with the friends and far from winter's monotony.
 One more time we have had a good feeling; all the young UK motorfreaks were drinking beers in the Charlotte Street while the Dj and the bikes were making noise. Thanks to Gary and Ben, your party was a success .

We finished the night at the infamous "Black Skulls garage" in good company.

London is alive Alleluiah !

Charlotte Street The Edwin Store

Master of Ceremony Ben of Sideburn

Master of Ceremony Gary of Sideburn

Two Davids on the left Death Spray Custom on the right El Solitario

Unknown beauty

Unknown pleasures

Mark Eley

The Sushi Eater, background with Sam, Sharon and Maxwell

Making noise is part of the show...

Meanwhile few neighbours are working

Jules Watts, Lazlo and Valéria


Good Jacket

Nico  Mr Ornamental Conifer

Stevie Gee and David

Ben And Mark

Mark Amos

Ajouter une légende

The Black Skulls Garage

Keep Hackney Crap !