Rustless "Made in England"


Rustless is a new project contains motoring and motorcycling related small products and a photo gallery. It is built and designed by our friend, a nut for British bikes, Hiroyuki Maeda from London, some of you may already know him. "Hiro" is a young legend from the London Rockers scene, riding everyday his old Bonnie and Beeza etc, listen to him:

We love classic and vintage machines. They sometimes carry "rust" which appeals for some.

Like wrinkles on our hands, rust will not instantly grow in order to tell the stories of those machines.

Rust can be their beauty like highly revered patina.

We can restore rusty old machines to mint condition.
This is one of the ways to show our appreciation by giving them a second life.
Then they become "timeless".

"Rust" and "timeless" are the definition of "Rustless".

We are introducing items for those who are passionate about wheeled classic and vintage vehicles.

We will produce original items that can form part of our everyday life.

We hope you enjoy our products as we cherish those machines that are rusted and timeless.

"Spirit of Triumph"

This mascot was originally designed for an Italian luxury car maker in around 1930 by the renowned French mascot artist and it is believed that the reproduction ones were produced as one of ordinary motoring accessories later in the UK and this winged man is known as "Spirit of Triumph".

We feel devotion to motorings and motorcyclings from his pose, how he hold the wheel and the angle of his neck is showing respect or even awe-inspiring to the wheel as if it is a god. When we work on our machines, we need to face with problems time by time and they sometimes make you suffer although they are supposed to be your enjoyment and treasure. Troubles usually become just a laugh and good experience afterwards and we forget how tough that was once we have a good ride/drive.

Without noticing, we do devote ourselves to the chunk of metals for our pleasure.

"Devotion to motorings and motorcyclings", this is the type of people who we are.

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"Snook devil"

When you 'cock a snook' (the spread hand with thumb on the nose. It is called 'Five fingered-salute' in the USA. ) at somebody, you make fun of the person or you take a piss out of him. It is said that the history of this phrase can be back to somewhere in the nineteenth century when it became widely known in the UK.

Snooking devil mascots were often seen on pre WW2 machines at their back. The reason why the devil is facing backwards is because to cock a snook at the machine you have just beaten! There are some different type of designs but the one we chose this time has a big belly and we think that chubby shape was formed by drinking tons of bitter beers! (Very British, huh?) And we also dressed him like a gentleman with winkle pickers, which started to be worn by rock'n'roll lovers in the 50's.

Although we are supposed to be grown ups and gentlemen, we are still (big) boys and the cheekiness and naughtiness will never change!

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This 'R' was inspired from the British hallmarks, stamped on products made from precious metals, the history of the stamping office can be dated back to 14th century. And the stamps tell you where and when the products were made and what the material is.

On vehicles, there are also stamps on engines, frame and parts for the record of manufacturing.

The meaning among them are overlapped and the pleasure to imagine about the place where the jewelry came from and the person (or people) who used to own is exactly the same as we think about our vehicles.

Although those stamps are quite often not aligned and just rows of numbers and alphabets, they are charming in a way.

The design around the 'R' is, as you may realise already, based on the Union Jack and we wanted to add a spice of the Art Deco with the famous Sunburst motif from the era.

It is a simple design but we wish you can hear something whispering from the logo!

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And the tea/coffee mug for for your cold Winter mechanics sessions at the garage

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