Family Portraits


Sometimes it’s hard to do 2 things at the same time. My role as host didn’t give me enough time to take photos during the Wheels and Waves event, so I decided to abandon the attempt to film the whole thing and to concentrate on taking some portraits of some of the characters who were there. Just as in a good Tarantino movie the casting was fabulous and I would have loved to have been able to take pictures of all of them.

Shot with Hasselblad 500C and Kodak Portra 160

Dear Readers, a lot of you are addicted to 1 blog in particular, and for your daily dose you click on the Bike Exif bookmark to discover the next bike. The man behind the keyboard is Chris Hunter and he came all the way from the other side of the world to meet us and turn our virtual relationship into a real friendship.

Dimitri Coste, aka "Dim", is the talented multidisciplinary artist and ambassador for OTW and Ruby Helmets. He is a photographer and filmmaker and never stays/ settles in one place. His passion for competitive motorcycling became a concept: OSFA: One Size Fits All and hence one bike for all types of races from dirt to track to flattrack and even hillclimbing (why not!).
Don’t wait for him at dinner, though.......

Philippe Lalemant or ‘Phil’ from Anvers, was a pro snowboarder and skater and is now living in the Southwest working for a gig surfwear company. He’s a custom addict and was part of the W&W 2012 organisation. Next time he’ll ride too!

James Jordan came from England by road with the Edwin crew, smoking all the way. We came across the Kingdom of Kicks group by chance (fate?) on the road north of Biarritz, and then the party really started.

Conrad Leach, artist from London, took the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander in Spain, from whence he travelled up to Biarritz inside the Dice capsule. Conrad is a “hunter”.

This is Caroline France, Musician/ DJ, and Olivier Prat, artist and DJ. They were the TAST gang at the Blue Cargo party on the beach. I love you ‘kids’!

Sebastien Chirpaz should have been a Hollywood/film actor in the fifties, playing the villain from a Hunter Thompson novel.
Sebastien is from Lyon and started the delectable ‘a piece of chic’ brand last year.

I’ve known "Sal" since the days we played in a band about 25 years ago (ouch!). He’s always neat and ready to ride!

Paul D’Orleans, dandy, biker and photojournalist is from San Francisco but now lives in NYC. He’s a regular at our events and is our Motorcycle culture man. The Vintagent is the reference for all things XXX

Yuki Sepheriades works at Ruby Helmets, always smiling, she's a very good rider.

Nicolaï Scalter aka "Nico" is the artist giving us a new definition of the word ‘custom’: just take a look at his blog Ornemental Conifer. Nico came by road with the Edwin crew, riding a strange and inspired Bosozoku motorcycle. That’s the new generation.

There’s no need to introduce the multi-talented artist Nick Clements from Totnes. Nick is a big part of our small world... Men's file and The Curator are currently his two main occupations.
Nick loves to ride Moto Guzzi Californias.

In his previous life DJNeil was a rock’n’roll and Northern Soul DJ in Brighton, riding his Triton and driving his custom 51 Mercury. He started a new life in the SW of France a few years ago and still wears his Lewis leathers with pride. He is also an authority and connoisseur on the history of hotrodding.

Could you imagine your life without DICE, The weird pocket-sized custom magazine?
I say no !
Matt Davis is one of the two founders of Dice and originally from London. He left rainy England a few years ago for Los Angeles to be closer to the custom underground scene. This summer, Matt shipped his famous Van for a European Events tour. We were glad to meet him in Biarritz.

Pascal Monfort (who’s he?)) is wearing a Saturdays New York City Tshirt....

This is Aggy Sonora drummer and Looch Vibrato, guitar & bass player and lead vocalist of MAGNETIX...
They connected electrically with their audience during the gig. The atmosphere was perfect with the waves singing in the background !

Lennard "Lenny" Schuurmans swafflin all the way from the Netherlands was one of the twelve artists from the exhibition. Lenny has one of the most active motorcycle blogs (Bubblevisor) around; his sharp eyes always finding and revealing the latest trends.

Laszlo Fendetestas "El Rollo" comes from Galicia, ...what else can I say about him? Don't stay to close !

This man looks serious? no... , in fact his life is made up of parties, and gastronomic reunions with friends. Juan Ramon Ortega from Madrid is another member of the "Impossible Team" and will run with us at the next Speedweek, on a BMW of course !

Loren La Pulga is one of our Galician friends from Ourense, he is our second favorite DJ ... If you go to Galicia, this man knows all the right places for nightlife. Loren came with his brave T100 finally fixed...

It took me a little time to fully appreciate Ruby Helmets. The French company making these beautiful French helmets was founded by designer Jerome Coste in 2006. At first their helmets were worn by modernists and hipsters on scooters and they have gradually conquered the hardcore bikers as well. Yesterday at the "Le Mans classic" Ruby Helmets officially launched their first full-face helmet with their new design "Hot Rod", honouring the roots of racing at El Mirage. We expect that this design will win again for Ruby.

This picture reminds me of the late seventies "punk" attitude... This is co-editor , Gary Inman who, with Ben Part from Sideburn Magazine, have created in the last few years a loyal family around them.
At W&W, Gary was riding a superb Royal Enfield flattracker decorated by Nico.
Sideburn and Dice are the two most exciting fanzines of our motorcycle world . We actively support both.

Who’s this truck driver?... Fred Jourden, along with Hugo, is one of two founders of Blitz Motorcycles. These two young people are currently the most fashionable customisers in France (especially of BMWs). Hype or not, whatever, we love them!

David Fiddaman "Fid the Lid", the scouse in the house has been part of English motorcyclist life for more than 30 years. He can be seen at all meetings, especially weird ones like "The Burning Man", but is best known as the creator of Davida Helmets. He is a great philosopher and a good companion.

Jonathan Weldon from Sonora California is part of the" Deathtraps MC", a purist bikers’ group from forgotten times . One year ago Jon decided to ship The Iron Chopper to Europe and to travel alone like a ghost rider, attending some events up in the rainy North. He rode miles and miles down to the south especially for us. He became our Mascot.

Carl Lesage from Belgium, who rode a beautiful Honda 500CBT racer

Ben Claasen from New Zealand now lives in London came to W&W by the road with the Edwin crew riding his custom Bitza based Honda. He is part of the"Kingdom of Kicks."

Mark Thompson who lives in London Hackney, specialises in design, branding and art direction, he cam to W&W as part of the "Further" Edwin trip on a BMW/5 .He's one of the "Kingdom of kicks"

Photographer Ben Part is one of the two co-founders of Sideburn magazine. With their energy, they were able to create a very English underground motorcyclist scene . For W & W, Ben rode the FT project, a motorcycle born from a collaboration with Death Spray Custom.

This is Marina and Eric Mathieu. Despite his youth, Eric is a leading expert on older machines, especially pre-war Harley Davidsons . He gave us a wonderful gift, bringing his 1929 JDH racer and a 38 unrestored El Knucklhead to W&W. Unlike some, he doesn't hesitate to ride these rare motorcycles , even in the rain.

Jules Watts and Daniel, came by road from Liverpool, with the Davida crew, they are among the only heroes to have made the full ride on Saturday crossing the mountains under the rain and fog: unforgettable wasn’t it?