Greetings from Indonesia 2


Indonesia is a fantastic attic for "old Brit Irons" , and Mochamed likes to restore various models from his favourite brand : Norton.
While several months earlier, I asked him if he could send me a Norton single for a good rate, he answered that taxes are so expensive that you can't afford to import them. What a good way to preserve your capital...

this is my latest project...norton dominator 1957 99 (UNKNOCK DOWN), original featherbed frame, roadholder front end and armstrong shocks for rear end. I bought this one from an old timer guy who loves norton too..but the condition was very sad it was not a bike...but parts, frame, front end, petrol tank,swing arm, engine and gearbox were remaining...the rest was gone...the previous owner sold the bike part by part...Lets say I had to re-bulid the bike part by part...for the engine i replaced the original with a 750 atlas engine...for the bar i used an American style ( Market). i thing thats all

by the way thats a damn dare devil triumph ....

Mochammed Ballazam