Men's FIle Issue 8 preview

For four years Men’s File has been the best seller in our (online) shop. The quality of the subjects, the photos and the articles make it a reference point and an inspiration for the world of fashion. The forthcoming issue highlights Denim,featuring 'Workwear' and 'Americana', so much in vogue at the moment. We are impatiently waiting to discover what Nick Clements and his team have made for us, and we are proud to have contributed.

The eigth issue of Mens' File will be available in the Shop from the beginning of January, and we're taking advantage of that to remind you that Nick Clements is producing a limited edition of archive photos under the title of 'Mens' File Archive Transportation Book'. As a result of their success, we are promoting a series of 10, accompanied by 2 prints signed personally by the photographer

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Dice Issue # 47

Dice Issue # 47 is on sale now on our Store, with a cover of our friend Nico from Ornamental Conifer, we provided a photoshoot of Bixente on his now famous BSA.

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Born in 67 in the Basque Country, Vincent Lassere  aka "Bixente" in Basque, grew up with a father riding in Royal Enfield interceptor, BSA and Nortons local gang during the 60s. Then he saw his father starting  "Trial" with admiring eyes."Trial" and Dirt bike practice in the Pyreneens mountains wasn't regulated and therefore very popular in the region. This is naturally a few years after that Bixente began with the first "motorbike Yamaha" BMX  imported in France and then at 12 on a GT BMX. Meanwhile Bixente discovered Skate riding on a local wood board (Barland), Biarritz the town where Bixente grew up was very exciting in the eighties with a lot of foreigners surfers and skaters travelling in their vans and bringing the taste and flavor of The Californian way of life.

Then at 19, Bixente discovers the dark side of the force, buying is first Harley Davidson, will pimp it into a low budget chopper, (there's no bike builder in the region, no wizzard, so you do by your own). and one have seen him riding with the local gang, he was working at Harley local dealer from 92 to 97, borried by the winds of spirit changes, he decides to open his own store specializing in recovery of motorcycles and antiques. "Bixente motos" was born. Then he becomes itinerant going on swapmeets all over France and Holland selling rare parts...
Since a few years he added another activity the scenography of events working for brands such as Nike with his Wife Melody.
Today Bixente continue collecting rare BMX bikes and rides his modified 53 BSA A10 under the eternal sunshine of Biarritz. He's part organiser with the Southsiders of The Wheels and Waves event.

 je suis né en 1967 au pays basque, j'ai grandi avec l'amour de la moto grâce à mon père Benoit Lasserre qui ridait des anglaises dès les années 60 (royal enfield interceptor, bsa, norton...)avec la bande du vieux Lamouzy de Biarritz (le seul garagiste capable de leur réparer et  gonfler leurs bécanes avec son gros cigare), puis il s'est mis au trial avec la bande moto verte (gilles mallet, yann renault -OTB-, gilles coste etc) toujours sous mes yeux admiratifs et ébahis, un peu plus tard je commençais le bmx sur le premier yamaha motorbike arrivé en France puis sur un gt offert par Yann Renault (j'ai 12 ans à ce moment là); s'ajoute à cette passion le skate, je ride un Barland en bois et je rêve des usa en regardant l'océan côte des basques à biarritz et en mattant challenge one en cassette vidéo sur le magnétoscope de mes parents...
Ensuite 1ère harley à l'âge de 19 ans, je la monte en chopper je roule beaucoup avec une bande d'hossegor et de dax, je bosse chez harley en 92 jusque 97, puis je décide de me mettre à mon compte, devenant spécialiste motos et objets anciens attenants au garage, je suis alors itinérant , je m'en vais en hollande déballer, je me tape toutes les coupes moto légende, montlhéry etc jusque aujourd'hui ou je continue mon  métier avec passion tout en travaillant énormément pour de l'événementiel en scénographie et déco avec ma femme pour des marques telles que nike, etc
Je n'ai jamais lâché l'affaire avec le bmx, collectionnant des vieux modèles comme un hutch judge, motobécane mx 252, skyway etc
je roule depuis quelque années sur ma BSA road rocket de 1953 que j'ai transformée à mon goût

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