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The Curator at Southsiders Motorcycle Culture

After collecting rare archival photographs and original clothing since 1977, Nick Clements decided to turn his interest in vintage apparel and classic motorcycles into a business and started both Men's File magazine and The Curator clothing line. The idea of The Curator is to take items of clothing from archival photographs from the 1940s, 50 and 60, in the areas of motorcycling and cycle style and copy them in original fabrics and with very high quality make. The Curator carefully selects items that are impossible to find even on Ebay (or at least sell there at very high prices) and makes them in limited editions.
Most of the clothing on The Curator site are made by world famous manufacturers who respect the approach of The Curator and wish to associate themselves with a brand that is 'doing something different'.
You won't find the clothing on this site made by anyone else and each item (cap, cycle jersey, club shirt etc.) will even surprise when it arrives at your home and you feel the quality.

Velo-Moto by Saint James
Motorcycling / Cycling
Racing Sweater

Motorcycle Club Shirts
(4 colour styles)

1950s Style Motorcycle Rider’s Club Cap

Velo-Moto by
Saint James
Racing Sweater

Motorcycle Club
sweater cream

Velo-Tweed Cycling
Musette By
Chapman Bags

Velo Moto
Helmet Bag

Ever wonder why clothing made from selvage edged fabrics is so expensive? Simple – the machines making it are old and take extra time to weave the edges, then, more importantly, they weave a traditional cloth width of 40 to 45 inches (compared to 72 inches on modern looms) making selvage edged cloth twice as expensive. Also, felt? Ever wondered why some felt products are very cheap and some very expensive? Again, simple, all the original patches form the 1940s and 50s were made out of 100% wool felt. Today most felt is polyester and looks terrible. We only use 100% wool felt like the old days, but the cost is high. Believe it or not the 100% wool felt we use for our lettering and patches is actually ‘rare’.

What we use:
Selvage Japanese denim (various weights and shades).
Selvage Japanese chambray (various types and shades including rare cotton / wool mixes).
Selvage canvas (various types).
100% wool felts.
100% merino wool.
100% pure wool.

Custom Letters and Numbers

We can now provide 100% wool felt letter and numbers and even logos at a reasonable price, but they are still not cheap.

We can't quote on this page without knowing what it is you want but you should think of an initial cost of about £35 to set up the cutter then £5 each to get them cut-out and sewn on, however this really depends on what it is exactly that you need. We have in stock the figures: 1953, 1964, VELO and PISTA.