Simon Mills: A V-Twin obsession "Part One"


I am simon mills a friend of Gary Inman and Ben Part from Sideburn, also colleague of Fiddy from Davida.
well I'll be brief, in the olden days as a boy it was ducati Obsession, barcelona 24horas, Imola, then as a young man I discovered Le Mans, Bol d'or endurance racing, French style etc, I loved those bikes and the events, from the early eighties it was all about the underdog battling the mighty Japanese, as a student I saved and borrowed and built bikes around 900SS, Guzzi SP1000 T3 etc and they came and went, some still seem to be here.

1983 900 SS endurance style-large Vee twin obsession commences

1985 Le Clou-The NAIL, the guzzi that always ran when the duke broke

the duke became a Harris duke to try to follow the times

Later on came other Guzzi and Ducati singles

the re-birth of the 750 sport 8 years ago

the re-built shed to remove 8 bikes from the house

all of the bevels were built from wrecks, the silver bullet 900 ss was a tribute to the American racers of the 70's, California Hot Rod, old blue etc, the 900S2 was a tribute to the NCR endurance bikes of early 80's built from bits and pieces from scrapyards and friends, burnt out wrecks recovered.

the scrambler was standard but a friend crashed it so it acquired Darmah forks and wheels, the 900ss swing arm caused the NCR to be built as I went to scrapyard to buy a swing arm from 900ss and ended up with whole bike totally burned but managed to rebuild with another SS frame etc

The silver bullet, 900ss fancy valves, pistons, much porting and lighteneing throughout engine, 1980's replica Chrom Moly race frame, 996 forks, brakes and wheel, marchesini rear...
Not so sure why, it just seemed like a good idea 9 years ago

recently ripped up a perfectly good 750SS to make a little cafe for madame, its bit rough but cheap and cheerful..

the final version, cheap and cheerful