Montlhéry Vintage Revival 2011 *part1*


The last week-end was exceptionnal, on our famous racetrack of Montlhéry-Linas, thanks to the organisation and Vincent Chamon, there was no crowd, atmosphere was irreal and so cool. The machines displayed were very rares and truly "vintage" (before 1940). Some of them courageous, came by the road like George "Norton" Cohen on his 1908 Brasier from England, who broke the clutch few miles before arriving.
We hope and pray all for a second edition next year!

The Napier-Railton 1933: 12 cylinders, 24 litre Napier Aero Lion engine, 3000rpm 3 speed gearbox. top speed 168mph

The Guys from: Tonton Vélo

La France "Red Baron" 1916, 6 cylinders, 15 litres, 120 cv

The Sisters du Bucheron

Amilcar CGS Skif 1925

Bugatti T59, one of the four surviving, fantastic immaculate machine, 8 cylinders with compressor: 250Bhp at 5000rpm

Lewis Leathers Boots

Jérome Coste, The man Behind Ruby Helmets on the family ES2

Frank Chatokhine on his Speed Twin 500, very fast!

Mr Perot of the Belgian crew "Moto Club Famenne Ardenne" on a 500 Sarolea 24S 1929
Thanks for the fresh Jupiler guys!

Jérome full speed on the old Es2, just before eating a valve...

Didier Coste on Inter

A Rudge Racing 500 from 1930 (Brooklands Museum)

The Grindlay Peerless 500, is a replica of Bill Lacey's record machine who covererd 103mph
at Brooklands and beat Bert Le Vack record of 100mph in 1925. This is one of the six period replicas.

Mrs Aude De Roussy de Sales on Velocette Mk7

To be or not be on a Mandoline 500

So British.

Koehler Escoffier 500 "Mandoline"

Senechal 1922

We are Devo D-E-V-O