blitzkrieg machines


After decades in counterculture, Surf & Skate culture are a true industry nowadays.
A few brands got out of this game and settled in undeniable high quality surf regions. As our South West region, where after a start in Biarritz in the late 50's, spots have been continuously discovered all along the coast in the 60's.... as the now famous beach-break in Hossegor or Seignosse in "les Landes".
A very "West Coast" way of life naturely established there as numerous Americans and Australians exiles settled there.

Phil, like many others, came to live here, working for the brand "Element Skateboards".

He is as well a fan of motorbike and a certain custom culture, to the point that he created his own club: "Blitzkrieg machines". His bike comes directly from USA, it's a little TR5 Triumph bobber extremely simple though very well designed.

We have taken a few shots behind the dune of the famous local spot.

Phil is organizing the first meeting of his club next saturday evening at the Cream Café, and a ride earlier in the afternoon

As he warns:
"Just to set the record straight, we are gathering on may 7th in order to meet people who share the same intrest in vintage choppers, cafe racers, rock'n roll, punk rock, garage, 50's and 60's culture, and so on. If you wanna rock up with your brand new bike, expect to win some kinda prize, and don't share the same intrests, you might get bored and consider skipping this one. We just wanna share some drinks with cool people..."

Histoire de clarifier les chose, nous nous rassemblons le 7 mai pour rencontrer des gens qui partagent un même intérêt pour les choppers vintages, café racers, le rock'n roll, punk rock, garage, la culture 50's et 60's entre autres. Si vous vous pointez avec votre bécane neuve et espérez gagner des prix, vous vous trompez d'endroit et pourriez vous enmerder toute l' après midi. On veut juste boire un coup avec des gens cools qui partagent des intérêts communs.

See you on Saturday with your horse!