your Favorite Five #015


Our passion for bikes can take several forms, but two main categories can be found.

The speed one with the stress on the performance of the machines.... and the design one with the stress on the look of the machines and what symbols it stands for.

The two can be mixed and many exemples of successful mechanic AND aesthetic concepts have allways existed. This can be a lifetime research for the biker.

Lennard Schurmanns
, a young painter and designer from Holland, has made this his permanent quest. He is searching for every trends and drives us through his blog "Bubblevisor" pages, in a world, his world made of vintage and modern customs and cafe-racers.

The Magical Internet : We can access to wonderful bank of images; the world is ours, all you need is to know how to search.

Lennard is a good explorer.

LS. "here's my favourite five"

I don't have lot of info about most of these bikes.
since my blog is mostly visual I wanted to do the same with my top five.

Bianchi 203 Trials Special (250 cc 74 mmx 58 mm)
Bianchi made in Italy from 1897 to 1967,
this lovely 1964 model which has been given a trials make over by Il Signore Inzoli.

Strip-teaser drag racer
santapod 1967

The Lowe Bros Nitro burning Honda 90 ( Bored out to 100cc) Bonneville
Racer at the El Camino Show.

george brown super nero
Full Story here

BMW world record-braking 750k

In 1929 Ernst Henne set up the first of a total of 76 world records on
a 750 cc supercharged motorcycle derived from the R 37, posting a
record speed of 216.75 km/h. This motorcycle was continuously evolved
by Sepp Hopf and Rudolf Schleicher and, in its final version of 1935,
managed to claim a new absolute world record for BMW on 27th September
1935 with a top speed of 256 km\h.
Ernst Henne

Technical data
Engine / Displacement: 2-cylinder / 749 cc
Bore x Stroke: 83 x 68 mm
Power: approx. 100 bhp
Weight: 150 kg
Top Speed: 256 km/h (world record)