Lowbrow Customs

Kyle and Tyler Malinky from Hinckley Ohio, are Lowbrow customs, they brought for the Speedweek 2010, two exciting candies... , based on 650 and 750 rigid Bonnies.

The green Triumph belongs to Tyler who ran 111 mph in the A-VG 750cc class on the green bike, qualified for a record and then bent a valve on the backup record run.

His brother Kyle has the red and white Triumph, he ran about 106mph in the M-PG 650cc class.

Have a look on their website, they sell some very good parts for your Trumpet.

Kyle Malinky

Tyler Malinky


To complete the crew the Malinky Bros. were helped by Phil (in the straw hat , and Dangerous Dave (in the Southsiders shirt)

Hasselblad 500c