Robert Smithson: The Spiral Jetty 1970


I recently visited the Museum of contemporary Art in my home town to view Bernar Venets private collection dating from the 1960's and 70's.
Amongst the collection I was particularly attracted to a series of photographs entitled 'The Spiral Jetty 1970'

Back at home further research confirmed the Spiral Jetty to be the work of Artist Robert Smithson and located in the North east area of Great Salk Lake Utah, known locally as Rozel Point, and at opposite ends to where the land speed trials are held.

Robert Smithson intended his 'Land Art' as an alternative to the mainstream art largely exhibited by gallerys, museums and the New York art scene at the time. Ironically, a sudden rise in water levels on the lake obliterated Spiral Jetty for almost four decades during which time it was almost completely forgotten until water levels receeded again in 2006.

Smithson who sadly died in a plane crash in 1973, chose the location due to its desert surroundings far removed from civilisation.

Today the landmark can easily be located by satelite Navigation and is a two hour drive from Salt Lake City, and I have already made it one of my places to visit on my next trip to the Salt Lake.