Mexico 1989 the forgotten pics


Looking for some old pictures, I re-discovered some Ektachromes from our trip in Mexico and Baja California in 1989.
This trip stay today in my memory, as the favourite destination ever. One day we hope to own a small house in Baja...
God do you hear me?

On the road to Durango, "The Burritos station"

Santa Madonna!

Looking for shadow

Querretaro "The best huevos ranchero ever"

"Hora Feliz" at Hidalgo del Parral

Sunset at La Paz

San Blas, Surf & Shark city

Cabo San Lucas "is this on earth?"

Creel, Sierra Madre, Barranco del Cobre

Shot with FM2 Nikon 55mm micro Nikkor, and 100 iso Kodak Ektachrome


Southsiders Babe February 2011


Photographer: Michael Schmidt
Model : Sara Eileen
Motorcycle: 1970 Triumph T100 Trophy