Moebius at “La fondation Cartier”



Gir alias Jean Giraud and Moebius are two different faces of the same french cartoonist very famous in the world of "drawing" in general and especially cartoon.

It could be said that they are two different designers: Gir AND Moebius.

As he says, "everything is under a controlled schizophrenia" since the styles of this (these) artist(s) are in a so obvious, therefore wanted way, extremely different.

During all my youth and teenage I grew up with Lieutenant Blueberry adventures in the wild west of America (28 albums), typical cartoon hero of that time: brave, generous, clever, clear sighted... living in a world of brutality and violence (extermination of the native indians and set up of the USA civilisation).

The stroke of the artist at that time changes slowly album after album from a very accurate and detailed style to a simplicity that goes with mastery.

But as if Far West was not a sufficient support for his new style to bloom, Gir decides to change everything and switches to science fiction, introspection, humour.... much more suitable fields for the page setting of his imagination with a new stroke and painting.

The change is so important for him that he even changes his name, one style was from GIR, the new one is going to be from MOEBIUS, and now on he will switch from one to the other as he likes.... What a clever way to be free!

The current exhibition at " Fondation CARTIER" in Paris, untill 2011-03-13 shows small drawings as well as paintings, blown up drawings, movies (including 3D) and excellently exposes the second face of the artist: Moebius.

I had the luck to meet Gir / Moebius during a party at friends'. After the diner he dedicated one of his books to the guest on one of the blank pages at the beginning...

I looked at him as he drew and I was astonished by the fluency of his stroke, its accuracy and its simplicity. Without sketching and stroke after stroke, the picture was coming out step by step as he, himself was only following a picture projected by his own eye on the blank page... astounding for mastery.

Personnally, I didn't know Moebius albums but a few and thanks to this exhibition I discovered a work I only overflew.

I cannot do but suggest to all to save 3 or 4 hours, (a whole afternoon will be better) to see that event. It's just like a trip in the unleashed brain of a man mad with space, perspective, impressions......

.... One of the most important figures of the saga "L'Incal": John Difool

... And, by the way.... Happy new year!