Zero mile Commando


Sold yesterday on Ebay

Offered for sale by Sonny Angel. I am his son-in-law, selling bikes on his behalf. Sonny's wife Chris passed away last month after a four year battle with cancer, and Sonny, now 86, is looking to retire from the motorcycle business. I will be listing several other bikes for sale, and all are available for viewing at his shop, Sonny Angel Motorcycles, in National City, California. This is a privately-owned motorcycle, not a shop bike.

For sale is a 1975 Norton Commando 850cc Interstate, black, with zero miles. Bike has never seen the light of day. Sonny purchased the bike in 1975, and placed in the back of his shop for safe keeping. The crate has been sitting in the same spot since 1975, and still has the original two metal bands around the cardboard box. The room was not temperature controlled, so condition of the bike inside the crate is unknown. I can not see the bike, but I can see the rear wheel and spokes through an opening (pictured). Looks to be in good shape. The box has bike parts stacked on top, but they have not damaged the cardboard.

Of course, the value of this bike comes from the fact that the crate has never been opened, and has no miles. Any serious buyer will understand our reasons for not opening the crate and taking photographs. We will be glad to show the crate to any serious buyer, please contact me first to make an appointment.

This may be the ONLY zero-mile, crated Commando in existence. Don't pass up this opportunity to own a rare example of motorcycle history.

Willing to ship the motorcycle within the lower 48 US states, buyer responsible for coordinating the shipment and ALL associated costs. Shipping to east coast with Forward Air runs about $850. Will place the crate inside a motorcycle shipping container, well protected. Willing to ship internationally, but buyer must make ALL shipping arrangements. Will deliver the crate to a port/shipping company of your choice, within 200 miles of San Diego, or make available for pickup.

Non-refundable deposit of $500 required within 48 hours of auction end. Winning bid must be paid in full within 7 days, or motorcycle will be relisted. Paypal preferred. Bank transfer and cash also accepted.

Reserve set, and will not be disclosed. Depending on bid progression, reserve may be removed. Looking to raise funds to ensure Dad has a good quality of life in retirement.

And my question is: what will do the new lucky owner? will he ride the bike or keep it in the sitting room between the TV and the chimney??

Merçi FuFu



Cast Iron Magazine


Laurent Bagnard is not a newcomer to the world of custom. After founding Powerglide magazine, participated during years at all major events, photographed the most famous, having published several books including the famous Go with Moon (story of Mooneyes), Laurent and his team are now coming out the first issue of Cast Iron.

Cast Iron quarterly smells good metal, asphalt and valve amps.
It's more than a simple magazine for the quality of its binding, its contents, texts in English and French. If you like Hot Rodding, the underground custom, rock music, Cast-Iron is for you, but beware! once again ...
there won't be enough for everyone ...!

sold online and in a few shops, you can order it now on our site.

In addition, we offer you, the book of Laurent Bagnard 'Rebel Motorcycles Ltd', a selection of images of today greatest bike builders , the most influentials ones and not
necessarily the richest ones !

Also available on our store right now!

Laurent Bagnard n'est pas un nouveau venu dans l'univers du custom. Après avoir fondé Powerglide magazine, participé à tous les events majeurs, photographié les plus grands, après avoir publié plusieurs livres dont le fameux Go with Moon (histoire de Mooneyes), Laurent et son équipe sortent maintenant le premier numéro de Cast Iron.
Cast Iron trimestriel sent bon le métal,l'asphalte et l'ampli à tube. C'est bien plus qu'un simple magazine par la qualité de sa reliure, son contenu, ses textes en Anglais et en Français. Si vous aimez le Hot Rodding, le custom et le rock underground vous serez servi, mais attention ! encore une fois...

il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde...!

vendu par correspondance dès à présent sur nôtre site.

En outre, nous vous proposons, le livre de Laurent Bagnard "Rebel Motorcycles Ltd", une sélection d'images des plus grands bike builders actuels, les plus influents et pas forcément les plus riches !

Disponible aussi sur nôtre shop



Southsiders Babe November 2011


The Southsiders babe of the month is the work of an unknown but admirable photographer, Miroslav Tichy. this Czech just passed away at the age of 84. He was street photographer and loved photographing women.
He built his own cameras and enlargers with cardboards, made himself his own frames.

His images, abstract and full of imperfections exude a timeless and mysterious atmosphere.

Tichy says:

Photography is painting with light! The blurs, the spots, those are errors! But the errors are part of it, they give it poetry and turn it into painting. And for that you need as bad a camera as possible! If you want to be famous, you have to do whatever you're doing worse than anyone else in the whole world.



Remembrance Day - November 11th


My Grand-father was a "poilu", from the WW1. The term "poilu" comes from Napoleon army meaning "The Hairy one" or the "courageous one" for the Infantrymen. He spent four years in the mud sharing his meals with rats, including the trenches of Verdun, incorporated in a "Crapouillot section" the ancestor of the mortar. While my uncles and my other grandfather didn't come home, he returned to his region of the Pyrenees, living quietly but living nightmares every night ...

Two unique photos of "Charles", he would have 117 years now

le Crapouillot



A Day with the Blitzkrieg Machines


By the last afternoon of the Indian summer, we decided to make a ride along the river with the "Blitzkrieg machines"... a small gang from Bayonne in the Basque country.

Pat and his small but fun homemade Bobber, Suzykee engined..., Hedi and the fantastic 1947 Knucklehead brought back in France for a fistful of Dollars...twenty five years ago, Phil Duke a kind of Marlon Brando replica with a wonderful T110 Triumph just period perfect ! the Young Steven a great surfer with a TR6 Triumph...he was my driver, Phil and the tiny toy TR5, and Bixente, the man behind "Bixente motos" with a road Rocket BSA scrambler .

Let's go for the Ride !