"Veetess" a book by Vincent Debacker


"Veetess" IS BACK. The fourty or so pages black and white small fanzine has turned into a beautiful 200 pages book, all in colour.
Don't worry the spirit is still the same. A zigzaging trip through motorbikes mechanic workshops but also those of artists, paintors, sculptors, craftsmen, brilliant handymen and as fascinating than fascinated figures.
They all have something in common: love for the beautiful and noble mechanics. The one that exhale, that is big hearted, who shivers and vibrates, who leaks oil and swallows full jerrycans of fuel... anyway, everything that brings to a vehicule with character.

The Author:

Since he was a little boy, Vincent Debacker has been attracted by the two wheels devices, the chap learned, as time went by, to appreciate other mechanical devices such as boats, planes, cars....
Everything that swallows quantities of gas susceptible to make an ecologist green with terror, makes noise up to burst your eardrums, loosen your teeth, vibrates, moves, twists the frame, leaves rubber behind, breaks propellers, leaks as much oil as possible, knocks the pistons against the hood, terrifies the grandmas and lifts young girls' skirts up....

Whatever, a well tempered, liberated mechanics lover, in direct touch with the one who tries to subdue or at least tame it.

Passion for drawing came at the same time, so why not gather the two together. After five years of publicity school, the guy understands, once in the business, that the spirit that prevails in that corporation doesn't suit him. Publishing will wellcome him and offer the stability he's after. Fond of design, architecture, photography, music, painting, considering that nearly nothing new has been invented since the thirties that has a exclusive enough approach to the art of vehicule customising, he soon understands that he has only a few in common with current values.

Member of QGDF, he meets other draughtsmen, sculptors, paintors as passionnated as he's.

Vincent's Atlas norton

Further to his trip to Isle of Man, he creates "Veetess", a black and white fanzine gathering some of his encounters.

Thanks to this hand staining rag, he meets Alexandre, the "Veetess" adventure starts up again to take the shape you know.

Tomorrow evening Vincent will dedicace his book at the " Salon Moto Legende"

The book is available here