August 9th
As we were stuck by a breakdown beside Highway 8, between El Centro and Yuma, at the border of California, Arizona and Mexico, we knew that the evening was going to be dull; as the assistance was to come next morning, there was only one thing left to do... take the camera, and wait for the "end of the day light" . Temperature was starting to fall down, it had been hot during that day 122°F/52°C, the imperial Sand Dunes was just beside us and from time to time the border patrol was stopping by and checking if everything was allwright for us.

Beer was cool. We were awaiting something.... like an event.

Then slowly the sun turned to orange, headlights were turned on, we were looking at the trucks and cars passing below from the top of the bridge.

No bikes around in this area. The show was repetitious.

Light turned to purple, I was thinking of the guys surfing the Sunset overthere on the coast....

big Brother is watching you...
on top of the mat, just behind the truck, there's 6 infrared cams as Mexican border-guards.
Ther's a mat every half mile.