Our Rides Aragon/Navarra


Here's to conclude the story of our trip in Basque country last July:

After having crossed Pyrenean border through difficult weather conditions and on as difficult roads, descent to Aragon is a delight, the wide road is signposted as a race track and weather turns from winter to true summer.

We then change the tempo, "D" and his bobber opens our track, he's hot, very hot, we follow him without difficulties as Commandos like sinuous roads...

We stick together and the pleasure is extreme. Policemen on the side of the road won't even have a chance to react on time.

We arrive on the banks of Yesa artificial lake, still as beautiful as I knew it 30 years earlier during a another bike run. The water is turquoise blue, almost unreal, it's warm and we all think of going swimming, but the urge to ride is stronger.

At last... evening comes and after hanging around in the bars of Sanguesa, we collapse till next morning .

We hit the road again to finish our ride around the lake, we pass through Sos Del Rey Catolico, a wonderful middle age village overhanging the valley.

Finally, getting back up through the pyrénées at an as frenetic pace as the descending, we make a stopover at the sidreria Kixkia in Ochagavia in the Basque province of Navarra.

Here a Gallery for more photos

Wild wild Weekend...