"Passion le Mans"


I met Denis Boussard thanks to Marco Raymondin. Both of them are partners and have shared the same passion for vintage machines for several decades.
Denis is also and above all a professionnal fashion photographer in Paris, which forces him to use digital technique.

For his personnal work, he has chosen to stay traditionnal and shoots only Analogic films, with his favourite camera: 6X6 square size Rolleiflex .
This commitment impose, on one hand to permanently chose the good picture (frame and construction) cause the film holds only 12 frames, and on the other hand to get close to the subject cause the lens can't zoom. This minimalism keeps therefore intact the passion for picture and the waiting of its results.
Which is the essence of photography....

Denis is native to Le Mans and naturally has always attended to the mythic race "les 24 heures du MANS"
He took his first images in 1977, those great days of Jacky Ickx and Henry Pescarolo, and since, every year, he is back to complete this work which recently became a book named "Passion Le Mans".

In this square black and white pictures book you find side by side great moments of 1977 Le Mans, but present Le Mans and classical Le Mans as well.
It's beautiful and a good piece of writing in French and English by Christophe Wilmart. And the foreword is from Jacky Ickx himself.

Nice job Denis
Denis Website here: http://db-ontheroad.com

Jacky Ickx gave us our dreams, and we still admire his achievements. That race of 11-12 June 1977 is engraved forever in our memories. That year, that weekend, Denis Boussard immortalized the victory of Jacky Ickx, Jürgen Barth and Hurley Haywood. Meanwhile I followed the exploits of my heroes on the radio, thrilling to the commentary. We could not have known then that thirty years later we would meet at the Le Mans 24 Hour race. He had his Rolleiflex, I had my notebook and pencil. A friendship grew up. Three years later, we spent an hour talking with Jacky Ickx about that 1977 victory. Not only did he agree to write a preface for us, but he also allowed us to share our passion for the 24 Hour race with him. Merci, ‘Monsieur Le Mans’.