In search of clichés (from my youth)


I dreamed of this trip for twenty years, when our friend Jean Claude Barrois offered me this winter to experience the wild adventure. It took no more than a dinner to find the good deal between us, his objective was clear: participate to the Bonneville Speedweek with his 1926 Rudge Bitza.
After several months of preparation the bike was ready, and his journey booked.

For us, the choice of vehicle was important because we were six.
The itinerary, departing from Los Angeles would lead us to traverse a large loop of several thousands of miles through the "Bonneville Salt Flats" before returning to the starting point. We opted for a 40 feet RV, kind of large boat with wheels, and modern version of the Winnebago.

Two days in The middle of nowhere (Imperial Sand Dunes AZ.) with an electric failure and 122°F

We went through Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California.

The hundreds of films I've seen since my childhood have left an indelible mark with legendary names as Yuma, Arizona, Tucson, Flagstaff or Monument Valley, Grand Canyon etc. ...
All reminded me one or more films...

Saguaro Park near Tucson

Galaxy Diner Flagstaff

Grand Canyon at 6pm

Monument Valley at 7pm (Happy hour )

"Stagecoach" John Ford 1939

One landscape will highlight in my memory: Monument Valley, its minimalism and majesty, are beyond anything I could imagine. Immensity of panorama is the most striking thing to my European eyes.

The Great Salt Lake and its "wildlife" has been one of the highlights of this journey.
In a next trip I hope to have the entire week on the site ...

After the storm ( Bonneville Utah)

We crossed Nevada by an incredible road : "The Highway 50" aka the loneliest Highway is difficult to imagine as wilderness areas...

Between Eureka and Austin NV.

I have a special affection with San Francisco, she represents everything I love: Geographical situation, between water with the bay and ocean and mountains wildlife in the streets, despite all it's a lively town.

Haight Street

Ocean Beach 8pm

And finally, the coastal road between San Francisco and Los Angeles: Highway One: Big Sur was a wild moment of this trip.
Better not fail there !

Bixby Bridge 1932 ( remember "Play misty for me" with Clint Eastwood)

Time will be long, before next trip...