"Coupes Moto Légende" 2010

Text and Photos by Dimitri Coste

I've been waiting this one for 2 years. I saddly missed the 2009 edition cuz I was workin, and there was no way I could miss the 2010 one.
Most of the boys from the Big Daddy MC made it to Dijon-Prenois on friday. we hooked up with my man Frank Chatokhine and his buddies in the woods to set up a Gypsies basecamp. loads of amazing motorcycles everywhere in the pits, the woods and of course on the track. Man u could walk all day long in the pits to get your eyes broken by so many gorgeous ladies on wheels. the swapmeet wasn't that satisfying but I wasn't lookin to buy anything, I came to ride as gnarly as I could and to enjoy some chill time, BBQ's, boozes with my friends. that's actually what we did until the rain joined the party saturday night. we kept going and slept under the rain.

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to race on sunday because my TR6C doesn't have front mudgard. maybe better this way as I was rockin some Croker tires, not very grippy for the track and definitly wrong for the rain ah ah!.

As usual my favorite serie was the D : race & tourism motorcycles over 250cc 1931-1945. and that's the only motos i shot so far.
My Rad Dad on his 1935 Norton 500 Inter, my brotha Jerome on the infamous Norton 500 ES2 and the fastest guy on the track Frank Chatokhine & his jawbreaking Triumph Speedtwin 1938. Not even funny for him I think, his bike's so fast (200 km/h) that he's lapping everybody.

I was also impressed by 2 riders on 30's HD WL, they had cool riding gears, fluid riding style and were seriously fast. I think they belong to The Team Frankenstein Racing.

I was racing the F serie : race & tourism over 350cc 1956-1968 with a shitload of Manx, Vincent...during the warm-up lap, a guy crashed pretty badly, so we hadda wait like 20mn
on the track (engines runnin), and you could imagine how motivated the 100 racers were when they finally let us open the throttle. 2 guys took the lead in front of me, and I never saw em again, but I ain't got passed by any other competitors, I think most of the guys in this kinda event are too scared to ruin their expensive jewels to be really riding fast. well I don't give a fuck, of course I'd rather not crash, but, I'm not on a racing track for cruisin my bombshell. So I did my best and I had a blast. the TR6C ran perfectly. the only sketchy detail was that I broke my seat support on the 2nd lap, and lost all bolts n screws.
the whole seat was moving. nothing dramatic. after a dozen laps, i was stoked n felt so happy, even if I was not very clean on all the turns. In my serie were also riding Famous Marco Raymondin. this event was a practice for his 1955 T110 alcohol powered he's gonna bring to Bonneville mid august. you couldn't miss Pierre (Rockers SpeedShop Paris) on His Velocette Venom Clubman streamliner, vintage 500TX with a blue bubblevisor. This man knows style matters.

Le crew from left to right : Dimitri, Le Admiral, Alex Devos, Cobra,
Stephane Lascols,
Vincent Vernet, Maitre Kriger-Metzger,
Joss, Jerome Coste, Reaction Man, DD

We took off around noon on sunday because of the rain, but reached Paris only in the evening. my old thrashed trailer died on the freeway. We had to unload bikes and abandon the trailer. once we reached a gas station after a mile reverse on the safety lane, we waited few hours and got rescued by the rest of the crew with decent trailers. Man I wish we had someone filming the TR6C with number plates going reverse on the freeway...

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