Your Favorite Five #005


If all Men are born equal, thank God, we're all different.
"Your Favorite Five #5" welcomes an unsual guest. English born photographer, he is the eye behind Davida.
He is also the other half of the ultra-must Sideburn (both magazine & blog) with Gary Inman : in fact, these guys are the Punks of Motorcycling.
Here comes M. Ben Part!

Here goes...
A bloody fight for the top slots, a TOP 100 would have been much easier.
There are some obvious 'must have' bikes which some of your other contributors have picked up on, but I specifically wanted a more foxing line-up in my dream garage, these 5 were valiant in their own peculiar ways.

Wally Phillips here has "Le Look le plus cool" on his JAP - that looks like a Flying Squirrel Scott frame?
But this is a dream right, it's all a surreal haze of names, faces, and places.
photo taken 1930 Hammersmith ice rink London. Is that carpet wired onto the rear tyre?
Along with the ownership documents, I'd also require the shoes, socks, plus fours, wooly jumper, piss-pot and gauntlets.

Bart 'B-ART' Van van de Bogaard built this special for BOTT racing at the end of the 90s.
Yamaha TR1 Star Twin tuned engine, Honda VFR rear end, Suzuki GSX-R front end.
A sort of Bat-bike soaked in monosodium glutamate.

Well the Mrs needs something a bit more comfy doesn't she?
1962 Prototype Junak M14 Iskra now sat idle in the Polish Szczecin museum.
Similar to an Ariel Leader but more spacy.

1991 on the way back from the Isle of Man with my (then) girlfriend, bumbling along at 80mph, I heard this noise like a squadron of Heinkel bombers returning to base. Four BMW racing outfits droned past at high speed.
Staked up with minimal camping gear, the rider & 'monkey' face down for how many more miles to come. Fearsome.

Slim Fabrications 'Dirt Nap'
Originally when you first popped the question of a top 5, Shinya Kimura's name was an uncontested champion,& yet this dogs dinner ousted the wizard. This 350 2 stroke Yamaha powered, jockey shift thumb throttle bike, lacks Shinya's mysticism, but it wins on WTF points. It was a hard choice to between this & his 537 Yamaha Indian. I don't even like strokers, but that just adds to the 'so wrong, but so right'.

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The defeated...

#6 Any Shinya Kamura bike

#7 Quasar feet forward bike

#8 the Britten

#9 Norton rotary racer

#10 Eric Fernihough Brough Superior racer

etc etc