Club de Motonetas Picantes


The first time we saw these pictures by Federico, we were amazed by the strong identity of their "Motonetas Picantes" club. This is the place where it's not about the horse power but about the Power of Pleasure. Here, check it out by yourself !

The CMP is a club of friends who ride motorcycles by their zone: Martinez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since 2003 this has been the club's assignment. We use Italian motorcycles which have been manufactured in our country, therefore when we started no one wanted them and it was a pleasure for us to be able to ride a 1958 motorcycle and to know that any replacement which was needed could be found in any part's shop at an excellent price.

It was when we got tired of our original motorcycles that we created the CMP | RDV (racing division) to be able to race with the old custom bikes we assembled. We are waiting for some day having our fixture to achieve that, since until now our races have been secret, out on the street and in different places, we don't have a stable circuit.

We gather every Tuesday of the year in a small neighborhood restaurant whose owner is one of our founder associates.
We go out to the route when we arrive to an agreement, which does not happen often lately, but we consider this is only a moment within the 7 years that we have as a club.

A few years ago started the idea of making a line of clothing and accessories for riding vintage racing motorcycles.

Nowadays we offer some limited edition leather jackets, epoch shirts and soon vintage helmets and accessories which are sold online.

Bienvenidos al mundo de los picantes!

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Photos by Pablo Franco