the dreams of Elvio Patuano


Photos Vincent Debacker

The work of Elvio Patuano is one of my recent discoveries at the last Retromobile in Paris, chance and internet allowed to meet recently by phone.

Elvio designs and creates sculptures and models that he would like to find on tables in swap meets,lounges,galleries or simply in the bottom of a box!
He tries to put his dreams in 3D, when constructing these speed boats, design in wax a motorcyle, he is inside of them, the smell of oil, gasoline, exhaust sounds .. . throughout their implementation.

This universe allows him to meet people as passionate as him by his visions ...
Its mechanical world is composed of forms, images, technology, aesthetics, color, and state of mind, as set by the speed or at least its evocation, which are referenced to the 20 / 30s for boats up to 70s for motorcycle bronzes.
For the purposes of his accomplishments, Elvio work with several materials, wax for modeling before molding, wood, aluminum alloy, silver for smaller pieces and of course the bronze.

In 2007, an American customer invited him to drive Baby bootlegger (mythical runabout), and other racers as Vogler Boy Imp ..... The dream came true !!!!.

Elvio is also a biker, its 3 bikes (Harley Davidson WLC, 883, Triumph Speed Triple) plus one racer in progress, he ride every day for over 40 years.