Da Hui


DA HUI was born in Hawaii by a group of surfers, who were also known as the “black shorts”. These are extreme and proud people who have strong feelings about the protection and preservation of the Hawaiian culture, and will stop at nothing to defend it.

Da Hui’s clothing formation began with Eddie Rothman, Bryan Amona, Kawika Stant Sr. and Clyde Aikau. These strong & powerful surfers decided to be independent in creating their own range of garments to promote the pride and spirit of the Hawaiian people. For a long time, the black shorts were made by Quiksilver, but are now done by Da Hui.

To show their Aloha for the North Shore community, DA HUI dress today’s North Shore lifeguards (and of course the famous swimmer Derrick Doerner) and gives with great pleasure, a part of its benefits to several environmental local associations.