Two lifes for one bike

Nico is a pragmatic guy, why have two bikes when can do anything with one?.

His passion: The WL 45Harley Davidson, is used for the track as much as for the road. For this, he asked Alain Servie Flatheads specialist to prepare a reliable engine based on the WR specifications. The engine takes 6,000 rpm and more, the internal lubrication has been improved. The electronic ignition take place in the original ignition bell, the old dual Venturi Linkert carburetor has been replaced by a much more efficient modern Dell'Orto which allows especially in the sequences of fast corners quickly gain a few miles per hour.
These few changes do not radically change the nature of the machine, but make it easier to use.

The Street Bobber version

The original chassis which can be transformed into Racer or street Bobber within hours, with lights, fenders, speedometer, saddle and especially the wheels with 18 " alloy rims, dual cams front brake (500SR) and soft tires for the track
or originals 16" wheels with Steel hubs and rims and 500X16 Avon mk2 type tires for the street bobber version.

Nico is a perfectionist in his preparation and work constantly on optimizing the gas flow and particularly with the Supertrapp exhaust also final gear ratios which are adapted according to the layout of the circuit.
Over the years, the small group of fanatics has grown, they are today about twenty in France to run on this type of motorcycles rather rare here because we have been deprived of U.S. military bases after war.

The Racer version

Nico takes care of his group trying to participate in a maximum of events ranging from
of old machines meetings , or U.S. customs show and straight runs.

The Sunday Clip