Polo Photographer and Motorcyclist


Polo Garat was born in the "Soule", the most eastern region of the French Basque Country. His eye reflects the openness of a world traveller: Europe, Africa, the Caribbean or Latin America. The press often commissions him for the genuine and uncliched photographic approach to his subjects, for his portraits, executed in a bare and uncomplaisant style that attempt to strip off the appearances and show the rawness of the soul. He is also a commercial photographer who regularly works hand in hand with advertising agencies. Co-founder of the collective Odessa in Toulouse where he lives, his work is internationally exhibited and since 2005, he became member of jury for Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s prestigious Bourse 3P.
The Odessa Collective with Odyssey H.D Drag

Polo's personal work, take a look on the Odessa Collective for more photographies.

Polo is a long time motorcyclist too, from is 500 rigid Ajs and a 73 Commando Norton to a new Sportster H.D (nobody's perfect!).
We made last afternoon some pictures of the "oily" Norton a rad racer!

The Commando screamed after a dozen of kickstart in a cloud of smoke.
it's still a wild beast!