Matt's 1948 Panhead now for sale


Our friend Matt from Australia sells his rad Panhead 48, so if you guys are interested in, just send him an email ( see bottom of post )and i'm sure you will make both you happy .

Ok, for those that dont know..this is a 1948 panhead....the first year for the pan....the only year for the pan/springer combination.

the bike has an original case and number 48 EL ( Special Sport Solo with the higher 7.0:1 compression ratio)....original hd springer front end and the frame is an original hd straight leg.
Early 48 pans were fitted with black painted cylinders (as is this) not silver painted.
the motor has had a top end freshen up including new valve guides, seats etc. the bottom end is quiet and there was no play to be seen when i had the top end off. everything spun true and tight.

the motor runs smooth, crisp and pulls extremely strong....it does not leak oil from any gasket and does not blow smoke.
The gearbox is an original hd 4 speed. the ratchet top is a new old stock unit....the bike was previously fitted with a tank shift and corresponding shift mechanism....i purchased the ratchet top from the US in an original hd box...new. the gearbox shifts smooth....does not jump out of gear...miss gears or misbehave in any way. the bike is fitted with a belt drive, the clutch has renewed plates, tammer kit, and is now fitted with a mousetrap eliminator setup with my own cable arrangement....this clutch is the lightest clutch i have ever used...i use it with one finger....it does not slip.

The rear brake drum is an original unit and star hub arrangement. bearings are good and always greased. i have had the shoes relined with a very soft compound brake material by a brake specialist.
The springer is an original unit with all tabs in place if you would like to fit a guard. the front drum is original hd as is the star hub. again the linings have been replaced with soft compound and the rockers are always greased.
The bike is fitted with mid mount pegs and controls and suits my riding style and height...5'9". it has handlebars from my 1926 norton flattank...they fitted so well....dogbone risers...and new alloy levers, cables and throttle/grips.

the bike is fitted with 12 volt electrics, new generator, regulator, headlight, 36 ford repro taillight, high and low beam work excellent, taillight works excellent, brake light switch is crap and works when it wants, and i have fitted a new sealed battery that cost me 160 bucks.
The tank is a sporty....very clean inside...painted by me....new fuel tap...does not leak....rear guard is old norton guard i had....has a tyre burn mark on one side....(hard to notice)...painted by me..

The carb is an s and s super e shorty (purchased new from pacific hd)...if you would like to fit another carb go right ahead.....i will give you a linkert m74 to put on it if you want..
The exhaust is a paughco with inline baffles i fitted....it runs medium loud.....with a nice deep note..
The wheels were rebuilt and relaced by Chivos in Parramatta in sydney last year....new spokes....wheels run true and smooth...front tyre is very good....rear tyre is excellent.

this bike is a rare 1948 hd panhead...it is 61 years old....it is ridden on dirt roads...tar....on sunny days and days when its raining....it took me a while to get this bike dialed in and to understand how to start it when its cold....when its hot.....but it rewards me with serious fun and satisfaction now that i understand it. That said... i have done all the hard work in getting this bike running correctly...and being reliable.
this bike is registered until mid august 2010 in NSW.

This bike is featured in the latest issue of DicE magazine....
I have uploaded a small video on youtube of the bike...three pumps....three priming kicks...ignition on....kick..... fire....i run this bike from cold and adjust the idle down after its warm...
I am selling this bike to finance other bike projects.....it is advertised elsewhere and i reserve the right to end the auction early if required...

I can deliver the bike to sydney for 100 dollars and to canberra for 50 dollars.
If you have any queries email me....if you want to talk to me email me your number i will call you....

thanks for your time.
Matt : email machineshed@bigpond.com