Chari & Co. N.Y.C


Chari & Co. N.Y.C : Taking its name from the Japanese word for bicycle, this tiny store deals exclusively in vintage Japanese track bikes dating back to the late eighties and early nineties.

The narrow space boasts over 30 brands, including Makino, 3Rensho, Vivalo, Bianchi, Cinelli, and the popular Nagasawa. The bikes run the length of the shop’s long hallway, with frames hanging along one exposed-brick wall and illuminated by a sparkly chandelier.

It’ll cost you somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000 to emulate the dudes in Keirin races, the Japanese mass cycling events these bikes are usually used for; in New York, the patrons are mainly Japanese enthusiasts, bike messengers, and collectors.

For those prices, you can also put together your own bike, handpicking frames, hubs, pedals, and a saddle with the help of a member of the (mostly Japanese) staff. Accessories like G-shock watches, riding hats, and cranks are displayed in glass cases in the back. The shop also runs a web-based consignment service for those looking to sell bikes (returning 70 percent of the sale price) and conducts repairs on site.

Amos Barshad

175 Stanton St., New York, NY 10002
nr. Clinton St.