Nogaro Historic GP 2009


Yesterday we went to Nogaro circuit for the Historic car GP. The road trip was a pleasure with the GT 350 Mustang despite some Police radars... but we are invisibles !
I was immediately excited by all these unusual cars. Some are rare as the Ferrari 275 GTB or the beautiful Lotus 11 all aluminum, a true design exercise for its bodywork. Some more basic but equally attractive as the Ford Falcon, not to mention the E-type Jaguars and TWR. But beyond the visual pleasure, it's also a sound synphony very rare these days in our country. In short a great day...

Type E

Lineup before the race

Lotus 11 art bodywork

Dinky toy? no Ford Falcon

275 GTB rear end perfection

JJB and son

Of course I shot like a crazy with my camera and I prepared a photo gallery for your pleasure only.