"Re-enactment" the exhibition


It was imperative for the Southsider's people, to travel to London for the photo exhibition
"Re-enactment" by Nick Clements and his team: Ryo Bamba, William Gentle, Matt Hind, Neal Read and Nathan Small.

The show was located in the very active area of Brick Lane, in the premises of
the old Truman brewery. The characteristic sound of Norton, BSA and
Triumph motorbikes led us directly to the site of the exhibition.

The spirit of the images is unambiguous: recreate visual universe of
the 30s to 60s. Strongly influenced by the aesthetics of surfing,
motorcycles, automobiles, not to mention a certain romance with
sweet (& very sexy) girls. Nick and his friends depict images to perfection. The
realism is impressive : it is not nostalgia but just the taste of a certain aesthetic.

It was also a great opportunity for us to finally meet face to face with Ben and Gary, the "holly" Sideburn team; Mark Wilsmore, the Ace Cafe legendary boss; Derek and Hiroyuki of Lewis Leathers and Steve Hillary aka "The redmaxspeedshop". Of course, everyone was holding a beer in their hand.

We would like to thank Nick for his warm welcome, and remind you that you have access to their images subscribing to"Men's file" magazine.