Fanakick Historic cup 2009


Last month of June, as every year, held the "Historic Cup", event dedicated to pre WW2 machines and lightweight two strokes and organized by José and his team on the circuit "La Chatre" near Chateauroux .

Our reporter Jean-Claude was there with his machines, the atmosphere very friendly and the informal meeting allowed to ride in period gear (for how long?).
That was an exceptional reunion, judge of: a Majestic an Excelsior Manxman, 2 Koehler Escoffier including a 1000cc 4 tubes(Jean-Luc Gaignard) and a 500cc Mandolin, Rudge Grand prix and Ajs compé-client, and something like 70 motorcycles of the finest English, French and American productions. The circuit is suitable for really old motorcycles.

Next year, I'll go to the "Historic cup"
Meanwhile you can visit the Fanakick website.

And the photo gallery made by Jean-Claude