A rattling Norton Sidecar


Once again my friend Bill from SoCal is surprising me.
He took those pictures in El Mirage and what can i say but "RESPECT"

It had been rattling around in my head for a long time so I had to build it. A brief spec is a homemade frame of 3"x 2" rect. tubing with 1" sq. bracing. The front wheel is from an Austin Mini and the forks a cut up Kawasaki. Steering is by linkage. The engine is another Weslake pushrod 500 speedway and the gearbox is an AMC from a Matchless.

The rear wheel is an 18" Triumph and the sidecar wheel is a 5" kart wheel.
The engine has been in my Norton and has ran 203 kph. 200+kph is the goal for the sidecar.

I think it is capable but will take a bit of work. I ran in in June at El Mirage. That was its first run and it turned 171 kph. July was slightly better at 179 kph. It would have been a lot faster but I had a problem with the kill switch activating. The next outing will be Sept. and the target is 190 kph.