"Mustache" and his Norton


Mustache (why?) had is own Moto-Guzzi workshop during 33 years, and worked as a craftman on old bikes.


He bought this 1935 Ohv model 18 Norton six years ago, from a guy who made some cosmetics improvements but the engine didn't run.

So, the first job was a total refurbishing of the engine, with new components: rod, roller bearings, new piston, cylinder rebore, new valves and guides, a classic job but the reliability had to be improved for intensive track use.

The gearbox also was defective, and the sprockets have been charged with weld and rebuilt on the lathe machine , it's not very catholic, but it works well now.

The Lucas Magneto comes from Theodole the specialist in Holland

The Carburetor is a mix between several models.

The cycle-part is the same as the 16h, the only difference between the 16h and the model 18 is in the engine head, the first is a flat head the second is an Over-head-valve head.

On the circuits the chassis show is great age, the frame is interrupted under the engine, and you feel not enough rigid !
This Norton has already taken four years of work,The next job will be made on the fork, but next winter, now it's time for the Rolling machines...


Photos By Laurent Tomas

Next time we'll talk about his Venom Velocette.